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4 Easy and Creative Ways to Dress Up Your Country Style Home

October 11, 2016

Surrounding myself with beautiful and simple things has always been very important to me. With design and decor, I’m most attracted to elegant, clean and simple lines. Whether it is clothes or decor, though, simplicity declutters my brain from the things that don’t really matter and make me feel good. As I travel new places and meet new people, I get inspired by the varieties of lifestyles, fashion, and decor I encounter. And I always end up incorporating some of those details into my own style.

During my recent travel to Portland, we staid in a charming house owned by an artist and Master gardner named Em. At first glance, it is a very simple and beautifully decorated country style home with a rustic charm. Some details of the decor were immediately noticeable for their uniqueness, and some were, while impactful and unique, so subtle that I didn’t notice them at first. Here are a four of Em’s touches to the decor and design that, while simple, make an very big impact to the overall feel of any house.

1. Think outside the box.

What a creative use of wooden planteresque boxes! From a night lamp shelf to a night stand to a sink, this reiterated the idea that so many of the best pieces in a home are ones that are unconventional. (These planter boxes on Etsy can be easily repurposed )

country style homecountry style homeunique bathroom sink

2. Mirror, mirror, on the wall.

We all know that mirrors make small spaces look bigger, but when I was decorating my home, I struggled with finding the right places to hang the mirrors to get the most out of them. In Em’s home, I noticed the mirrors in the backyard at first. Who said that only interior should appear bigger?! Later I realized that I didn’t notice a mirror leaned to the wall inside the house. It was probably because there was a plant in front of it! Safer and more impactful as it doubles the green too.

Decorating with mirrorsdecorating with mirrors

3. Plants are in the air.

Besides the fact that plants help clean air, adding a green touch to the decor makes the home feel more alive and vibrant. Em had quite a few plants standing in the windows almost extending the garden into the house, but she also spread air plants throughout the house by placing them on the window frames.  This is a very fun way to use air plants.

country style homeair plantscountry style home

4. Hanging pots and pans.

As many times as I’ve seen hanging pot racks on TV, I never seen it in anyone’s home. I also always thought that hanging pans and pots on a rack above a kitchen island is for big kitchens only. But nothing ever should be off limits. I actually found that pot racks don’t just look fun, they can be inexpensive and are also great space savers that work great in small spaces. (Love these pot racks on Amazon)

pot rackcountry living

Do you have any tips and tricks to dress up your home? Please share!

♡ Zuma A.

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