A Day at the OC Fair

March 15, 2015

It is the end of July, and the weather is hot and humid. Naturally, it is a perfect time to stay in a comfortably air-conditioned indoors… Except for the fact that the OC Fair is here, and it comes only once a year!

Oh the parade of deep fried food stands, attractions, games, crafts, and the best livestock are not something we encounter in the daily life! So on Saturday morning, no matter the weather, I went fishing for my cowgirl boots out of the closet. Naturally, I had to show up to the Fair dressed appropriately!

Now, before walking out of the house, here is a short must do check list:

  • put tons of sunscreen
  • drink plenty of water
  • stuff jean pockets with lots of dollar bills
  • leave adults at home… unless they are kids at heart

Having said that, the OC fair is a lot of fun.

The first stop, a little booth with the world’s longest alligator. 1120 pounds and over 14 feet long! Impressive and creepy. Then, the world’s smallest horse… and the world’s biggest horse.

OCFair-1OCFair-2And, since I love hanging out in the farm, we hurried to check out the best of the best livestock.

OCFair-3OCFair-4OCFair-5OCFair-6OCFair-7OCFair-8Okay, besides food, of course, the All-Alascan Pigs Race was my favorite part of this trip to the Fair.

OCFair-9OCFair-10These cute little pigs are about 10 months old, but were running and jumping over the obstacle faster than my Yorkie!

OCFair-11OCFair-12The race was cute, but, ironically, a few feet over at the food stands row, the vendors were proudly serving pulled pork sandwiches and giant hot dogs. Agh, the circle of life…

OCFair-13OCFair-14OCFair-15OCFair-16OCFair-17…Lucky for the world’s pigs, I don’t eat meat and enjoyed greatly the giant corn instead. I mean, giant corn with salt and tons of butter, of course!

OCFair-18OCFair-19Towards the mid-day, we found our way to the parade and festival of products. My Honey could not have enough of Arts and Woodworking demos. We almost had to drag him out and move on with our day!

OCFair-20OCFair-21OCFair-22OCFair-23OCFair-24OCFair-25The time passes so quickly when we are having fun. Biggest regret ~ I didn’t get to eat Deep Fried Pecan Pie… I will start with the pie next time I come to the Fair. I mean, it is here for one month a year… every year… for more than 100 years!

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