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3 Day of #HolidayTeal: a Happy Party Host

December 22, 2015

I absolutely love entertaining, and I firmly believe that the key to a good party and to being a good party host is a happy host. Of course, every party requires extensive planning and preparation, and I always try to prepare as many things as possible in advance (I don’t have as much energy as I used to, you know!). Still on the day of the party there is tons of things to do, but not letting myself take a break is out of question. I mean, for years, I used to leave myself no time to rest and would just spare a few minutes to throw a dress on leaving myself barely any time for hair and makeup. But then I felt tired, and after all, I wanted to have fun too! So I had to rethink the strategy and write the pamper time into the day’s planner, just like I do for meal preparations.

I found that the most effective way to refresh myself is a 15 minute power nap. And after I take a shower and do my usual daily skincare routine, I put an eye mask or a face mask on (I always have these masks in my bathroom), put my feet up, and take a nap. The mask and the nap do wonders! I get up with a renewed energy and glowing skin, ready to entertain and enjoy the party!

Please share your tips on being a good party host! Would so love to hear from you!!

♡ Zumafor party host

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