Hi, I’m Zuma. I started this fashion and lifestyle blog to inspire myself (and hopefully you!) to be my best self every day.

I am a 40-something working mom, and like so many of us, once life started piling work, responsibilities, and problems on me, I found myself not caring how I feel or look when I get up, drive my son to school, and go to work. I stopped wearing heels, shopping for pretty clothes. I had no time for makeup, and I put my hair in a bun every day. I started letting myself go, something that I always swore I would never ever do (I have always been a big believer in living colorfully and pushing my limits!). I knew I had to find ways to find my work life balance to bring my life back, to feel good and be happy as me again. So I de-cluttered my life by slowing down my practice and organizing and delegating some of my responsibilities at home. Then I surrounded myself with wonderful people who lift me up instead of drag me down. And, lastly, I cleared my closet leaving only garments that I would look good in no matter what I chose to wear. I scheduled lunch dates with girlfriends and nights out with my man and friends. I finally found myself enjoying life again and feeling good.

If you ever feel that you are losing yourself in the daily hustle, and want to change your life to the better, you can and should! There is a way to get things done and still feel and look good. So follow my journey and please share yours; together we can do it!

A few things about me: 

1. I moved to the United States from Armenia 20 years ago, and settled in Southern California with my family where we’re blessed with sunshine 364 days a year!

2. During the day I work as an immigration attorney, mainly with refugees. The job is demanding but meaningful. Some days I work from home, some days I fly around the country to appear in different immigration courts. On one hand it is tough to balance such a schedule, but I would never want to do it any other way – I need the world to be my office!

3. My youngest son Alex has autism and caring for him is the biggest part of my daily thought process. It does not define me, but it is a big part of me. I read somewhere once that a family with a special needs child is like a little Universe – he is the sun, and his family, teachers, therapists, and friends are the planets, rocks, and asteroids that revolve around the sun. I could not imagine a better description! He is progressing better than anyone ever expected, but it takes a tremendous amount of work every day to help him move forward. I am thankful to Alex for teaching me important lessons ~ patience, strength, and kindness.

4. My goal is to live my best life and try to improve myself every day and push my boundaries. I work hard whether it’s at work or at home. I balance it with time off that I now fully enjoy. I try to surround myself with wonderful people and beautiful moments.

♡ Zuma Ayriyan