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Autumn Home, Bold Coffee Blends and Pumpkin Spice

October 7, 2016

I cannot believe that fall is in a full swing now, as I am somewhere in the middle of transitioning my state of mind from summer to fall. The SoCal warm weather is largely to blame, but a lot of it is also my overpacked schedule which makes days go by so super fast! A week or so ago I went to Starbucks and saw that pumpkin spice lattes  are back! Ah, they just make all my insides feel so cozy!

I am not an avid coffee drinker, I stick to only one cup every morning, but I make an effort to make it a good one. And during fall, I always try to switch from my usually lighter summer blends to richer and spicier blends that taste so perfect during cooler fall and winter months. Making time to brew a good cup of coffee is always a challenge, of course, especially on days when I have to storm out of the house at 6AM. But on the days I am working from home and weekends, I use my Chemex to make a nice pour-over. I love the simplicity of process combined with the rich flavor I get when I make pour-overs.

So to get into the spirit of fall and the upcoming holidays, I started adding a little bit of pumpkin everything into my life. I placed a few small pumpkins and some halloween accents throughout the house, pulled out my cozy autumn mugs to add some of the fall spirit to my coffee. I also started add pulling out my Halloween decoration and feel that fall has finally made its way to my house, despite the mid 70s weather!

One last thing about coffee, I love my coffee (and tea!) with steamed milk, but not enough to get my big latte machine’s milk steamer! Instead, I pour a small amount of milk into a microwave-safe glass jar with a lid (whatever amount I want to use for my coffee), seal it, shake it for 10 seconds or so, remove lid and microwave on high for a few seconds, depending on how much milk I used.  I learned this trick from one of Martha’s shows (I used to be such a Martha junkie!). This process doesn’t take more than a half a minute and  works great, so I get steamed milk with my coffee.

Happy fall! ♡ Zuma A.

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