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2 Days of #HolidayTeal: Decorating Marshmallows for the Holidays

December 23, 2015

I just love all the holiday traditions from making gingerbread houses to hot chocolate with marshmallows, to dressing up as Santa and give out the gifts. But as my kids grew past 9 and started asking whether Santa exists, I bit my tongue! I just don’t have the guts to be the bearer of bad news, or maybe I just don’t want them grow up. So today Alex said that if we are making gingerbread men, we should put a surveillance camera on them for the night to see if they really run away… and that is not going to happen haha. So I decided in lieu of gingerbread, to start another awesome tradition ~ decorating marshmallows for the holidays!

I got a hot chocolate mix, whipped cream, edible eyes from Michaels, and marshmallows, of course. Then I melted a little bit of chocolate for decoration (also works great as glue for eyes!), and the decorating party was on! Highly recommend it! Just don’t ask how many marshmallows I ate that night hehe.

♡ Zumamarshmallows decorating marshmallows for christmas

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