Five Ways to Look Stylish on a Rainy Day

January 8, 2016

When I think rainy day, I think oversized cozy sweaters with tights or leggings and staying in. Drinking hot tea, drowning in a sea of blankets, and enjoying a quiet day; ah, that’s the life. But sadly, most of us end up out in the cold going to and from work, running errands, picking up kids from school, and don’t get to enjoy those cozy indoor rainy days. And in that case, when we have to get out and about despite the cold and gloom, we stand before two choices: pile on whatever warm clothes we can find to just get us through the day OR to look stylish (without compromising comfort, of course!) to cheer ourselves up and feel more productive. The choice is ours, but I always try to opt for the latter!

Here are my stylish rainy weather loom must haves:

1. A Classic Trench Coat  ~ I own and love a quilted jacket, as it makes a great casual outfit for a day on a nature trail or even with heels and a midi skirt. But on a truly stormy and windy day, I want to keep all parts of my body dry, so I invested in a classic Carolina Herrera trench coat which made me look stylish and contemporary for years!  I also love these two coats by Zara (now on sale!),  by Topshop Boutique, and by Burberry London look stylish on a rainy day2. An Oversized Scarf ~ I love wrapping myself in a bright oversized scarf for its power to lift my mood, boost my confidence, and stand out on a gloomy day. It’s tempting to throw on the same old scarf (or alternate between two) every time, but I really think having fun options brightens these kinds of days! If you have a classic neutral tone trench coat, then any of your favorite wraps will do!


3. A Chic Weather Proof Boots or Booties ~ Rain boots are born out of necessity, of course, but in this modern world we can’t settle on functionality only! And now, there are boots and booties of all shapes, styles, and colors you can think of. Here are a few of my picks: Michael Kors quilted rain bootsKate Spade ‘Sadgewick booties‘Lacey’ short boots by Bernardo Footwear (also come in red!), and Glossy Hunter boots, of course.


4. A Bottle of Defrizz Styling Serum ~ While an umbrella is a must-have rain day hair accessory, so is the hair serum to protect you from the frizz and flyaway. To smooth and tame my hair, I use my Bumble and Bumble’s Defrizz serum which I can apply to dry or damp hair (in case I forgot my umbrella hehe).

Bumble and Bumble Defrizz

Please leave your comments below with your favorite styling tips and outfits for a gloomy rainy weather.

♡ Zuma

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