Friday Chat With Inspirational Women:: Lenley Makela Slepicka

August 7, 2015

I often think about women and how we try to balance our families, jobs, various chores, life… So I thought to introduce you to amazing inspirational women who manage to do it all it all, having time for themselves and staying happy! After all, we always need inspiration, support, and reminders to lead a happy and balanced life. So here it is, it’s girlfriend time! Meet Lenley Makela Slepicka…

Lenley is the mama of two adorable babies, a wife, a friend, a compassionate special needs children occupational therapist; she is a creative artist, and the girl behind the camera of the images you see on this blog.

ZA: If you would describe your life in 3 words, what would it be?

LMK: Full, messy, entertaining.

ZA: What skills help you get thing done?

LMK: Ha, maybe not a skill, but embracing my impatience and impulsiveness. This is truly the only reason sometimes the checklist gets partially done. It also cause “happy accidents” like a new hair cut, or a painted wall to happen all the time.

ZA: What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced in trying to balance it all?

LMK: Missing the little things. Having someone else recognize the meaning of a facial expression, laugh or sigh of your children better than yourself leaves a little lump in your throat.

ZA: What is your dream job? 

LMK: A toss up between two: owning a budget friendly home decor business with my sister and set design or casting for movies.

ZA: Who is your inspiration? Why?

LMK: My great grandmother for never getting the “old lady” hair cut. She had two long gray braids.

ZA: Do you take me time? What do you do?

LMK:  Yes! Time with my kids is so valued that my time can be short however very meaningful. Such as painting my nails (with enough time for them to dry), taking a bath, buying a new decorative pillow (I’m obsessed), looking up recipes I will never cook and workout routines I will really “want” to do. But sometimes a little more me time is needed , such as cooking with friends( monthly), dates with my love, rearranging the house, trying on clothes without two helpers.

ZA: What’s your fashion style?

LMK:  An area that I’m always trying to determine. I love so many styles on other people and really enjoy fashion, however always find myself going back to jeans, t-shirts and sandals.

ZA: Lipstick or lipgloss?

LMK: I always have 2-5 lip glosses in my purse at all times.

ZA: Finally, what color most accurately depicts your personality?

LMK: My family would say green. I would say orange.


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