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Sheet Masks: Glowing Skin at Every Age

August 24, 2016

I firmly believe that healthy skin is glowing skin, but it’s no secret that with age, our individual skin issues become more apparent. For me it’s dullness, dryness, and age spots. Though I have a skin care routine that targets these issues, my skin sometimes needs an extra boost of a healthy glow due to a constant stress and/or a few cocktails at a dinner party hehe. And that’s when sheet face masks come in handy.

There is something in the scent and cooling sensation of sheet masks that don’t just boost my skin, but also give me the feeling of relaxation and detachment from hectic day to day life. 

Sheet masks have been everywhere the last couple of years, and it took me quite some time to discover them for myself. I noticed these masks in line at Sephora and bought a few as cute additions to gifts throughout last year, but before I knew, I fell in love with them myself. They are inexpensive and perfect for a quick boost of hydration and glow. I use these masks after long flights, before or after nights-out, or whenever I feel that my skin looks and feels tired.

Lately I also started using Sephora’s hand and feet sheet masks which led to a 30 minute Sunday morning me time routine. Instead of my usual Sunday morning phone-time in bed, I put my phone out of reach and go for a longer shower, sheet masks, and read or flip through magazines. It helps me turn off my brain from the daily grind and get my time to relax and recharge while taking care of my skin.

What are you doing to to bring glow to your skin? Would love to hear from you!!

♡ Zuma A.

sephora eye maskhealthy glow sephora almond foot mask sephora foot mask sephora foot mask

In this story:

Sephora Pearl eye or face sheet mask (also favorite Masque Rose mask)

Sephora Almond foot mask and Aloe hand mask

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