Journaling: Figuring Out The Road Ahead

February 1, 2017

A few days back, as I was organizing a drawer dedicated to greeting cards, calendars, and notepads, I stumbled upon a true treasure, my old journal! I’d forgotten that during my twenties and thirties, I used to keep this journal by my bed and write about some special events, thoughts, feelings, and breakthroughs. Like many, I would start journaling at some point, but never kept it up when things got better. And I wish it wasn’t like that. Reading my own journal 20 some years later felt like reading a novel, except that the main character was me!  On the first pages, there were pieces of my life when I met my baby boy for the first time (he is twenty five now!), my first impressions of immigrating to the U.S., and the struggles of having a career and being an autism mom. This journal was both my therapist and a good friend that helped me figure out my way forward. I am forty seven now, and the process of thinking, feeling, and growing is certainly not over and never will be. So I want to get back to the habit of writing whenever I get a chance. 

Do you keep a journal? Have you ever? Are you planning to pick up journaling again? Leave your comments below, would so love to hear from you!

♡ Zuma Ayriyan

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