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Mirror Decor: How to Create a Bright, Zen Space

March 22, 2017

I always want to build a bright, tranquil, and healthy home for my family, so to add as much sunshine as possible, which can be a foundation for happy living, I started looking into decorating with mirrors. I love mirrors for their functionality and their ability to enhance the light and size of any room. Last summer I finally went for this oversized mirror, 6.5 feet! Originally I thought to place it in the bedroom, but the space was limited and we decided to place it in the living room by the entry way. I liked the functionality of the mirror, it was in a perfect place to make a final quick check of my look before leaving the house. But I feel that mirrors should create a magical extension of the space, and as much as I wanted to love the mirror, I did not love how it reflected a narrow wall and an armchair which looked disproportionally small in the illusion of big space.

A few months later, I saw this mirror in a magazine spread. It was leaning on the wall by the dining table, reflecting the light from the window and enhancing the room beautifully! This made me realize that when I brought the mirror home, I concentrated on finding a big enough empty space for it. I did not pay attention to what it would reflect and what it should reflect.

My point is, that mirrors are one of the most powerful and magical decorating tools, no matter if it’s place in a big or small space. If placed strategically, a mirror’s powers extend beyond their functionality. They add light, extend space, enhance decor, and create any ambience you want! Learning more about where to place mirrors was a useful tool in helping me decorate my home. Since then I added a few more (smaller) mirrors in the house and love them. And here I have highlighted a few of my favorite mirror decor ideas that worked well for me, especially since my home is very not big.

Mirror Decorating Ideas:

Add a Window.

The hallway is a bit isolated and darker than the rest of the house. A mirror in the entry hall is a beautiful accent that makes a space look larger and brighter. So hanging this mirror from T.J. Max Home on the hallway wall opposite the backyard door, helped multiply the light and add the depth and energy to the room instantly. Also, this mirror is narrow and long, and so it makes the room appear taller. If you are looking for a way to elongate your room, look for a vertical rectangle mirror. Now this mirror has become my go to  for a final check of my look before I head out of the house.

Reflect Plants and Colors.

While placing mirrors opposite a window is one of the oldest and classic decorating tricks, not all spaces have that opportunity. And if you want to place a mirror on a wall that does not face a window, placing plant or a flower bouquet adds a feel of the outdoors. Green leaves and stems, especially, bring a doze of freshness into the room. Doubling the succulents in front of a mirror creates a similar effect. Also, placing colorful flowers and books in front of a mirror adds more color to the room. I often coordinate color of flowers with color of candles, sofa pillows,  throws and curtains, depending on the season.

Oversize the Impact

I absolutely LOVE my oversized mirror’s new placement in front of the dining table. While the dining room is not much bigger than the table itself, it is surrounded by two full size windows to the backyard. The mirror’s reflection of the yard, creates an impression that the space is open and somewhat outdoors! We usually eat at this table during special gatherings and holidays, so when people come over and the table is decorated, it looks like the number of people and party decor is expanded. And if I want to create an ambience of a romantic evening, this mirror is a perfect tool to double the candles.

Layer Mirrors. 

To float a mirror on top of a mirrored wall takes special preparation, but I also love leaning a smaller mirror on a bigger mirror. Here I can control the angle and what the smaller mirror reflects. In my home I have an old mirrored wall that has paint stains that I couldn’t remove. So I layered another mirror (technically, it is a mirrored tray, but I use it as a mirror) over the stains and placed books and a flower bouquet in front of it and love it. Doubling the number of flowers is always a good thing.

Group a Few Mirrors Together.

These three Pottery Barn round mirrors came as a set and look like three reflections that brighten the area with gold frames. I also think that they would look very lovely if placed horizontally over a couch or a bed. I love these Anthro Mirrors too. They are sold individually, but come in three different shapes and sizes that mix and match. With picture frames and other art, they can create a gallery wall.

Move Mirrors Outdoors.

Just as mirrors create an illusion of bigger space indoors, they do the same for outdoors, whether it is a balcony or a yard. It doubles the green too. During my travel to Portland last fall, we staid in  a charming house owned by an artist and master gardener Em. At first glance, it is a very simple and beautifully decorated country style home with a rustic charm. Some details of the decor were immediately noticeable for their uniqueness, though, especially the placement of mirrors throughout the house and the yard. This trick is very impactful on a small balcony.

So those are my tips on how to strategically place mirrors to decorate your home, inside and outside. Hope you enjoyed this post! Do you like decorating your home with mirrors? Share your tips in the comments bellow. And make sure to subscribe to the Splash of Teal monthly newsletter for many more hacks and tips on how to surround your daily live with travel, beauty, and style to live your best life.

Lots of love,

♡ Zuma Ayriyan

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