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Monday Blues, Getting Back To Work After Holidays

January 9, 2017

Happy back-to-work Monday, loves! I always think that getting back to work after a vacation is tough, but not as tough as getting back to work after holidays. I think that the difference is that before heading out of the office for a vacation, I always try to finish as much work as I possibly can and maybe even organize what I need to do after I get back. When holidays come, however, I somehow slow down and procrastinate leaving work to another day, and then, when that Monday after the holidays come, I get slapped with piles of files before I get a chance to regain my usual workday pace. I experienced some of it last Thursday morning; I was working from home anticipating a slow day when I got pounded with phone calls and emails, all asking me to do something different, leaving me hyperventilating for a moment. To avoid any more experiences like this, I made a few preparations, especially considering I had to fly to San Francisco first thing this morning.

1. Come into the office with a plan of what you want to accomplish that day. Make sure to work in a reasonable transition time to adjust.

2. Start your regular work-week evening routine a few days before you head back to work. I have always done it for my kids to get them ready to go back to school after a vacation. Normalizing their morning and evening routine eases the transition tremendously. So why not do it for myself?

3. Don’t let holidays ending get you down. I always get so excited before holidays, anticipating fun times and and spending time with loved ones that I don’t normally get. It can feel lonelier and more mundane when all that is over. But hey, nothing stops me from having good times with family and friends next weekend!

4. Last, but not least, making an extra effort to dress up in light and bright colors and wearing the makeup I love makes me feel not only more put together, but also a bit more festive and excited about the day. So waking up that 15 minutes earlier is worth it to get that!

Do you ever feel Monday blues? Share your thoughts and tips on how you overcome them!!

♡ Zuma A.

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