My Closet: a Few Thoughts About Going Minimalist

November 4, 2015

Ever since I started blogging, I promised myself to always stay true to my minimalist habits. I have always been a minimalist, possibly because we did not have malls where I grew up, forcing me to become an expert on carefully picking out clothing  that was practical and durable. By the time I moved to the U.S., my minimalist habits were imprinted too deeply and never really went away.

It gets more and more difficult to be a minimalist, though, because in this day and age of consumerism, stores roll new items in almost every week, and oh they all look so good and refreshing! The problem is that these trendy pieces become old news quickly and we forget about them and leave them to get lost in ever growing closets.

In the world of a minimalist, less stuff means more money for each garment we buy, getting good use out of each item, and loving each and every one of the pieces in our closets ~ they are well made, always stylish, and long lasting. 75% of my closet is classic basics and the rest are inexpensive trendy pieces and accessories that I buy throughout the fashion season. Even then I try to to envision incorporating them into classic looks to make them last longer.

Like this beautiful Theory dress I bought a few years before Alex was born (and he is now 11!). I fell for it for its timeless silhouette, good quality fabric and stitches. Paired with black pumps (always timeless) and oversized sunglasses (also timeless) this outfit can be in style forever.

♡ Zuma

In this story:

Theory dress old (also love Maggy London Pearl Collar dress here)

Stella McCartney small ‘Falabella’ tote

Pumps old (similar by Stuart Weitzman pump here)

Wildfox ‘Malibu Deluxe’ sunglasses

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