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Featured in Parents Magazine

Vazu Kids Looks Who is Coming

Thrilled to have our book, Look Who is Coming, featured in Parents Magazine, recommended for children with autism.

Featured in Orange County Register Magazine

Published Author of Top Ranked Book Look Who is Coming

Look Who Is Coming immediately became loved by many and was featured in Parent’s Magazine and other publications. Just a year later Zuma and her husband, V, wrote and published “I Can Fly Super Duper High!” which was featured in the Best Of 2011 issue of Orange Coast magazine.

Twitter Autism Chat Hour – Founder and Host

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(A) Mom’s Happy Hour Podcast ~ Guest Interview

autism podcast

(A) Mom’s Happy Hour Episode 30 – Self Care

Listen to the podcast and discover how and when I decided to come out of that “I’m just a mom and don’t have time to take care of myself” shell, and become a well balanced mom who takes care of all her responsibilities, including taking that much needed time for myself!

The Autism Show Podcast ~ Guest Interview

embrace autism

Excited to be featured as a guest on The Autism Show, featuring my podcast “Learning How to Embrace Autism as a Mom.”

“My main hope is for other parents and families to live a beautiful life, and not allowing Autism define who they are. We do work really hard, but having the RIGHT approach and a POSITIVE approach, makes such a huge difference in the way we feel and our perspective of life. It helps not only the adults and parents, but our children as well. The main goal is to approach everything from a place of positivity.”

Guest Blogger for Geek Club Books

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Guest Blogger for TRI Haircare

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Discover the tutorial ~ how to get soft, manageable waves using TRI Design products.