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Reminding Myself to Stay Present

October 28, 2016

being present Stay Present J.Crew vest J.Crew vest J.Crew vest

As soon as fall arrives, time starts moving so fast that I can barely catch my breath. From work to homework to bills to errands, my work and life to-do lists take over! We haven’t even had Halloween yet, but my mind is already somewhere in the middle of December. And I’ll be there in a flash, but what about being present?! Why is it so difficult to be present?! I always try to pace myself, work on one thing at a time, take time to unwind periodically, and yet, before I know it, I start zooming through my days faster than ever which, in turn, reduces the experiences to almost nothing. Interestingly, when I try to analyze why I forget to take a moment and check in with myself daily, all I see is that I just do too much, mostly because I think I have to or because I don’t delegate. Nothing, except for me, stops me from cutting my long work-life todo list in half… okay, maybe a third.

So this holiday season I want to challenge myself to be present. I am setting up reminders on my phone a few times throughout the day… and it is not weird at all.

6AM ~ be mindful of how many things you do today and have a beautiful day!

11AM ~ Take more than 5 minutes to enjoy your lunch.

8PM ~ It is time to turn your phone off. Have a good night.

I think that as time goes on, these reminders will change, but the idea is the same. Reminding myself to be present and enjoy this beautiful season.

Do you sometimes find yourself speeding through your days? How do you stop it? What do you do to be present?

♡ Zuma A. 

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  • Reply Audrey Bell November 1, 2016 at 4:08 am

    Your collection is awesome . You can Bring your A-game in this super-cute striped top from Rebellious One, with a fun tie-front hem. That will be very gorgeous !!

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