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Schoolday Morning Routine and Freshly Baked Scones

October 16, 2016

Taking a moment for a cup of coffee and hearty breakfast is a luxury on work and schoolday mornings. The reality is that during our weekday morning routine, I rush to get things ready while Alex seems to move in slow-mo. Of course, we all end up starting our day more stressed than we’d like. Not the best tone to set!

Now, to save time and relieve some stress, Alex and I (mainly I force Alex) prepare whatever we can the night before, like backpack and shower. Also, so that we can have a good warm breakfast whenever we want, I prepare ahead and freeze scones. I try to prep on Sundays so I could involve Alex (I am amazed that with his food limitations and sensitivities, he actually enjoys baking, the texture and the smell!). The process of preparation takes no more than 20 or so minutes. And it is so worth it! Even on the busiest mornings when there is no time for anything, I can just pop frozen scones into a toaster oven before jumping into the shower and have them ready 15 minutes later.

For the recipe I use Martha’s cream scone recipe or buttermilk scone recipe, so I can’t go wrong. To freeze, I wrap each scone tight in freezer wrap, put in a ziplock bag as airtight as possible, and store in the freezer. It truly is a quick process, especially after doing it a couple of times. A small price to pay for having freshly baked scones any time we want!

♡ Zuma A.

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