Shopping with Feelings: Elevating Basic Style

January 18, 2017

To me, the journey of creating the ideal wardrobe can be an emotional experience. Most of my clothes have a feeling or a story attached to it, a lot of times it’s an ‘I got it when…’ sort of thing. That’s why when it’s time to part ways with these pieces, I don’t want to let go! So when shopping, I try to strategize and look for clothes that I can keep as long as I’d like, that will also stay relevant for a while. To make sure I pick the right items for my soon-to-be ideal wardrobe, unless I absolutely fall crazy in love with a garment, I ask myself these these questions before I pull out my credit card:

1. Is it right? Comfortable pieces are important to me, so the right fabric, silhouette, and stitching make all the difference! I never believed in sacrificing comfort for the sake of fashion, or that fashion in some way means discomfort. To me ease and comfort = chic!

2. Can I envision at least three distinct looks with this item? Versatility is very important. If I want a piece, I have to be able to envision it going with the other things in my closet.

3. Do I own a similar item? In this day and age of fast fashion, we sometimes forget about garments tucked away in our drawers or swept to the side in our closets. Having said that, that doesn’t mean I don’t have a few LBDs, or white shirts hanging in my closet. They are just all different in style or feel!

4. Is there at least one embellished feature? I am the first person to advocate for classic pieces, but I also like to look for something with a special touch. Oversized details work perfectly! Oversized boho flares, bell sleeves, velvet fabric, unique stitches… I picked this outfit as an example because I have owned every item here forever, and all of the separate items have some unique feature that distinguishes them. And of course, I can look at each item and remember what I wanted to capture and the feeling that came with the purchase. 

What are your tips on building your ideal wardrobe? What type of items do you feel elevates your look? Post your comments below! Would love to hear from you!! 

♡ Zuma A.

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  • Reply Laurie January 27, 2017 at 4:18 pm

    I normally start with a classic style and build the outfit with accessories . As you know I can be a little too monochromatic! This is what I aim to work on. Can I just say how great those jeans are! They look great on you Zuma x

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