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The Perfect Cheese Platter

December 9, 2017

cheese plattercheese platter ahi poke winter bouquet

December is the month for entertaining, and, whether it is a big party or just a quite evening with my man, I love to serve a good cheese platter ~ it is easy (does not require cooking!), effective, and delicious. And to make sure I satisfy all sorts of cheese preferences, I always serve a variety of textures and types like goat cheese, brie cheese, blue cheese, and aged gouda. With creamy bries I think it’s fun to serve a bit of it melted (super easy and quick in the toaster oven!). When it comes to bread, some of my friends like crackers and some love fresh bred, so serving both is a must for me. I often serve olive whole grain bread and different varieties of crackers. To create a nice platter, I raid my fridge and pantry and add olives, grapes, nuts, and dry fruit. Today, I also had ahi poke from Costco I’ve been recently addicted to, so I added that to the platter too. I let the wine flow, light up candles, and indulge.

♡ Zuma

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