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Wear Colors, Live in Colors

August 12, 2015

I used to have a closet filled with black, grey, and beige clothes, and I would almost never (if ever!) wear colors. Keeping my wardrobe colorless was comfortable and easy ~ I did not draw attention to myself through clothing and could get through the day unnoticed if I wanted to, everything matched everything and no time or thought was needed to be spent on ‘Hmm, what should I wear today?’. I justified my colorless wardrobe by saying that I did not need bright color clothes to be an interesting person or to have fun. Ironically, though, the idea behind the creation of Splash of Teal was to add a little bit of bright color to my life. So, obviously, subconsciously, I must have been missing some fun in my life. Now, after crossing over to the other side and adding a few daring colors to my wardrobe, I started thinking that dressing colorfully is a state of mind, and, while yellow top or hot pink scarf don’t change who I am, they do make my day just a little brighter.

To be honest, at first, to wear colors meant to me to push my comfort zone. So I brought the challenge on! In order not to scare myself off right away, I started slowly and started adding colorful accessory to my black and grey outfits, or bright shoes or bold color scarf… Once I got comfortable with the colorful accessories, I added brightly colored tops to my wardrobe, then I went for bold colored dresses. At this point, I feel comfortable wearing all bright bold colors and styles and very happy about it – the bright colors enhance my energy and improve my mood.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I still love LOVE black, grey and beige, but I sort of became a mood dresser and wear colors to reflect or enhance my day-to-day mood and wear grey and beige tones to reflect my mood of quietness, comfort, and relaxation.

So here’s my two cents on Wear Colors, Live in Colors. What do you think? If you would describe your wardrobe what color would it be? Are you happy with it or thinking of stirring some other colors in? I would so love to hear from you!

♡ Zuma
wear colorswear colorswear colors wear colors In this story:

Kate Spade Outlet top (love this yellow top by Splendid here)

Rag & Bone skinny jeans (also love Genetic ‘Daphne’ Mid Rise Crop Skinny Jeans here, now on sale!)

Forever 21 clutch (newer design by Halogen here, now on sale)

Pumps (similar by Steve Madden here)

Zara necklace (similar by Zara here)

Aviators (aviators by Vince Camuto here)

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