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Weekend Getaways: Victoria, BC, Tips, Outfits, Things to Do 

October 8, 2015

There are many reasons why we need weekend getaways ~ taking a break from the daily routine without spending too much money and without being away for too long is certainly one of them. Yes, and honestly, to keep work life balance, it is important not to wait until your stress level is so high that you are about to lose your mind if you don’t get out of town (I remind myself as I write it!).  Last weekend we decided to take a quick weekend trip to Victoria BC, a small beautiful city full of life, activities, delicious restaurants (mmmm!), and nice people.  *Tip: If you are flying into Victoria, BC, make sure you have valid passports before you make reservations.

Day #1 Flew in and Strolled Around the City 

Victoria is a charming compact historic city with a beautiful harbor and parks. I loved walking around and soaking in the city and its culture. Luckily, in Victoria you can walk to most of the destinations, so I packed comfortable shoes and took a break from driving (Yes!!).

Victoria, BCDSC06676DSC06705

Favorite restaurant of the day: delicious lunch at Blue Fox (I ordered Moroccan veggie burger and it was excellent!)

Tip: With the help of Yelp, OpenTable, or TripAdvisor, I easily found great (and inexpensive!) restaurants… but so did a lot of other people. So plan on waiting in line outside the restaurant for about 45 minutes to be seated.

Outfit of the day ~


Day #2 Visited Butchart Gardens

It is no secret I believe in flower power, so catching a tour bus to the famous 55 acres of amazing Butchart gardens was a must things to do, especially on a beautiful fall day! I love Fall so much!

Tip: Wear layers because the weather is warmer in the Butchardt gardens than in Victoria.

Butchart Gardens Butchart Gardens Butchart Gardens

Favorite restaurant of the day ~ dinner at authentic Italian Pagliacci’s.

DSC06803where to eat in Victoria BC

Outfit of the day ~


Day #3 Took a Whale Watching Tour

This was my first whale watching tour and I was NOT disappointed. We took a 45 minute ride in zodiac (rode as fast as 60 km/hr yeeehaaa! So glad I had sunscreen and sunglasses.) The scenery was magnificent and the pod of native orcas were amazing ~ they just minded their own business, lunching on seals (yikes!) and cruising around.

whale watching victoria bc DSC06932 whale watching victoria bc IMG_4498

Favorite restaurant of the day ~ lunch at Red Fish Blue Fish  and tea at Murchie’s Tea and Coffee

Outfit of the day ~


♡ Zuma

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