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Work Life Balance:: Weekend Getaways to Temecula Wineries

June 18, 2015

When I start having trouble sleeping, I know that, once again, I have lost my work life balance, and that I must plan a few emergency weekend getaways. Agh, as we grow up and turn into adults, life becomes one big responsibility run, and if we don’t take breaks and do the things we love, we are doomed.

So we were off to the Temecula wineries ~ morning walks, Italian food, wine, and lots of laughter were what the doctor ordered! We stayed at South Coast Winery Resort which is located on the top of the hill and surrounded by grape wines and citrus trees. Being so close to nature always brings me back to reality ~ no matter what, the sun rises, trees grow, and stars shine every day. It’s amazing how I manage to forget it so quickly!
Temecula WineriesTemecula WineriesDSC04370

 Love that wine tasting starts at 10AM! And then, of course, it’s a nap time.
Temecula Wineries

Temecula wineriesTemecula wineriesLucky BrandTemecula wineries

Since a nap under the sun can be quite exhausting, I had to continue it at the resort… and answer a few emails. I just can’t help it! But since the balcony lead to a vineyard and the view was so beautiful, I toyed with the idea of skipping dinner and staying in.
South Coast Winery Resort

South Coast Winery ResortSouth Coast Winery Resort

 There are many Italian restaurants in Temecula, but hands down, a little restaurant at the mall Gourmet Italia is the best! It almost felt as if we were transported to Italy for a few hours. We popped a bottle of a local Pino, ate delicious food, and laughed laughed laughed. For  desert we had tiramisu, of course. So good. Must go to restaurant if you are in Temecula!
Gourmet Italia RestaurantGourmet Italia RestaurantGourmet Italia RestaurantGourmet Italia Restaurant
Looking forward to many more weekend getaways!
♡ Zuma
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