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The Perfect Cheese Platter

December 9, 2017

cheese plattercheese platter ahi poke winter bouquet

December is the month for entertaining, and, whether it is a big party or just a quite evening with my man, I love to serve a good cheese platter ~ it is easy (does not require cooking!), effective, and delicious. And to make sure I satisfy all sorts of cheese preferences, I always serve a variety of textures and types like goat cheese, brie cheese, blue cheese, and aged gouda. With creamy bries I think it’s fun to serve a bit of it melted (super easy and quick in the toaster oven!). When it comes to bread, some of my friends like crackers and some love fresh bred, so serving both is a must for me. I often serve olive whole grain bread and different varieties of crackers. To create a nice platter, I raid my fridge and pantry and add olives, grapes, nuts, and dry fruit. Today, I also had ahi poke from Costco I’ve been recently addicted to, so I added that to the platter too. I let the wine flow, light up candles, and indulge.

♡ Zuma

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Glimpse Inside Holiday Book Idea

November 1, 2017

I’m absolutely over the moon to be ranked as one of Amazon’s Best Seller Books, Look Who is Coming… our charming “lift the flap book.” My husband V and I wrote this book because we wanted our little man Alex to actually enjoy reading and be engaged the entire time. We found that with other books, his attention would easily wander – and we understand why! So many books are just too busy, and for my kiddo on the autism spectrum, simple and basic is best. With our book, you can insert photographs of your child and special people in his or her life, and everyone will suddenly become a participant of the story. It is the BEST feeling to have such an outpouring of love from so many happy readers.

“I got this book for my friend’s baby shower, and now her little boy reads this book every night before going to bed. 5 stars!” – Barnes and Noble Customer Review  and to read more reviews, CLICK HERE.

Discover Where We’re Published and Praised <3

LA times published

It’s sort of a “pinch me!” moment when we first discovered we were featured on LA Times. It feels a little surreal to have our book praised on such a well known platform, and we are just so thankful! Read the full article here.

Parents Magazine loved our book so much, they included it their April Issue! Look Who is Coming was featured under the topic of Health/Autism. They did such a great job describing it – we just feel so honored.

Additional Articles Published: Orange County RegisterGlow Bass

If you are interested in grabbing your own copy now, the books are available on and Good Reads

Lots of love, xo 


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Quick, Easy Halloween Decorating Ideas

October 25, 2017

I love Halloween and the extra element of fun it adds to my daily routine. Holidays always remind me to loosen up, enjoy life, and laugh a little more. So as soon as October hits, I pick a day, turn on a movie like Nightmare Before Christmas, and decorate the house for Halloween. Not to tire or overwhelm myself (it is so easy to do since there are so many amazing decorations and ideas available), I decorate only a small section in each room. I choose these sections strategically, so no matter where I am in the house, there will be something to remind me of halloween. Follow along with me as I share some ideas to help inspire you this Halloween season!


halloween decorar ideashalloween decorating ideas halloween decorating ideas halloween decorating ideas halloween decorating ideas


halloween decorating ideas for bathroom halloween decorating ideas for bathroom halloween decorating ideas for bathroom

Living Room/Dining Room

halloween decorating ideashalloween decorating ideashalloween decorating ideashalloween decorating ideas halloween decorating ideashalloween decorating ideas halloween decorating ideashalloween decorating ideas

Balcony / Front Door

halloween decorating ideas halloween decorating ideashalloween decorating ideas halloween decorating ideas halloween decorating ideas halloween decorating ideas halloween decorating ideas halloween decorating ideas

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Shop My Closet, Halloween Office Costumes

October 23, 2017

This year Halloween falls on Tuesday, and adding a bit of fun to a weekday grind is always nice. And while I don’t have much time to spend on making a one of a kind outfit, I do enjoy taking a few minutes to transform clothes from my daily wardrobe into halloween looks and accessorize them with wigs, hats, glasses, brooches, belts, etc. This doesn’t take much time an money, but it is definitely spices up my regular day with some fun festivities and bond with people around me.    

1. Oh the 70s!

70s shirt (old), Flare jeans, Aviator sunglasses // Zara dress (similar), Steve Madden boots, Round sunglasses, Afro Wig.

2. Minnie 

AnnTaylor button-down (similar), Topshop flare skirt (similar), Tory Burch booties, black tights, Minnie ears.

halloween office costumesHalloween office costumes halloween office costumes

3. Good old witch

Zara top, Anthropologie tulle skirt, Nadri ‘skull’ necklace black tights, booties, and a witch hat.

halloween office costumes halloween office costumes halloween office costumes

4. Catwoman (Maybe not for office, but works for a party!)

Zara turtleneck and faux leather leggings, Tory Burch booties, Pompom charm, and a cat woman mask.

halloween office costumeshalloween office costumes

Need more inspiration on Halloween office costumes? Check out these creative ideas from Popsugar!

♡ Zuma A.

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Halloween Candy Bar Setup

October 17, 2017

Halloween candy barhalloween candy barhalloween candy barEvery October I make myself a promise to go all out for Halloween. I make ambitious plans which always, to be honest, get modified to a bare minimum. One of the big reasons for that is that given my busy lifestyle, these grand plans are just too overwhelming and unrealistic to try. But I do want to create halloween mood in the house, it’s holiday times, and I want everyone at home to feel it. So this year I thought to approach it differently. Instead of decorating the entire house, I thought to decorate only one or two areas and create a Halloween candy bar! Building the candy bar took me no more than an hour plus a trip to a candy shop! Here are a few tips on building a Halloween candy bar.

1. Choosing a spot.

I’ve seen some using their bar area for their candy bar, which is great. But this usually covers a big space and requires lots of candy ($$$ and Lbs!). I was looking more for the idea of creating a smaller moveable bar. So I used a big tray I got from Pottery Barn which I can move around easily (a mobil bar or a serving cart should work well too).

2. Select containers before going shopping.

I do that for two reasons. One, this helps me to calculate how much candy I need to buy. Two, it helps me to decide what kind of candy to buy.  Also, when selecting the containers, I like mixing and matching the height and styles. Now, since I don’t have too many vases, I repurpose what I have. And here I used a few of my wine and beer glasses as vases along with actual vases. I also used a cake tray to help add height.

3. Choose a variety of candy.

When in a candy shop, knowing my containers and their placement, I decide on types of candy. I was looking for three or four Halloween colors, black, orange, a little bit of red and some random color (I picked blue) just to add something different.

4. Add a few fillers.

This is Halloween, so I placed a few Halloween themed fillers in the tray. I used flowers and a candle to add depth to the look and make it more lush, along with a few black and orange pumpkins to fill empty spots, and battery powered cat string lights in and around the tray (their eyes light up!). Boo!

♡ Zuma A.

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*Photographed by Lenley Makela Slepicka 

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Lifestyle Changes for a Happier Me

September 21, 2017

As I sat down to write this post, I started thinking about what a long of a journey this has been. I am going to be candid with you, my family went to hell and back when Alex was diagnosed, and it took me some time to get to this point. But if I knew then what I know now, I could be rewarded with a happy life much earlier than I did. Autism is a disorder, it inherently made my kid different from the rest of the “normal” kids. He spoke a different language from the rest of us, and it was incredibly difficult for him to find his footing, and for me as a mother, to guide him through that. Nevertheless, autism is not something that should deny him, and us as a family, joy and happiness. Sky is the limit as long as we don’t draw the limit line ourselves.

It is crucial to note that all people on the spectrum are different, and you may think that this is not for you because Alex is a high functioning kid on the spectrum who goes to a typical school. But this blog is not about treating autism. It is about living with it, living happily and beautifully, and not letting autism define your kid, your family, and you. It is about not letting autism limit the good.

Alex’s journey with autism started when he lost his speech abilities completely by the age of two and didn’t speak for almost two years. He had no sense of hunger, severe sensitivities to food textures and wouldn’t eat solid foods until he was five. He was easily overstimulated and would talk to his hands, making non-verbal noises through a big chunk of the day. He’s gone a long way, and it took a lot of hard work from all of us, including him.  No success ever comes without hard work, but hard work doesn’t have to be filled with dread and negativity. Through this blog, I want to share how we got here, and to inspire you to believe that you can build for your kids, your family, and you, the life you want.

The Diagnosis:

After getting through the initial shock of realizing that Alex is on autism spectrum, I went into a “fixing” mode. I researched, looked for treatment options and therapists, and drove him to appointments daily. Between the beurocracy, filling out papers, and looking for help, I didn’t process what happened to my child and my family. I was determined to take care of things and get back to our ordinary family life. Processing was not part of the plan. I think I was so afraid to sit with the feelings that came with such a diagnosis that I took a task-based approach. I convinced myself if I did this, I would make it so things were normal again. But that’s not how it works, and know now how beneficial it could have been to let myself feel.


Time went by and while things were progressing, they were progressing slowly. His severe aversion to foods was a nightmare. Realizing that there was no back-to-normal-date, was tough. I was 38, working, and then working at home with Alex for tiny steps forward. Remember the avoidance from earlier? Well, it eventually came crashing, and I fell into a hole. My life felt like nothing but futile hard work, and darkness.

Climbing out of the hole was tough. Getting out of bed in the mornings was excruciating. While my mind was awake (sort of), my body felt too heavy for me to carry. For some time, a sense of duty would help me drag myself to work and to Alex’s therapies, but one day, I found that my sense of duty to my family and child was no longer strong enough to get me out of bed. I didn’t care about anything and anyone anymore. Disappearing felt like the only relief. It’s hard for me to talk about suicide, it scares me to write the word even, but it’s important because I know I’m not the only one whose experienced. I know how big the feeling of shame surrounding being suicidal is. If you’re at this place, you can get help. I did, and it was the best decision I could have possibly made.

The Turnaround:

Equipped with meds and therapy, that awful feeling of absolute exhaustion was gone; I had a boost of energy. I knew that this time I could not fall into the same trap of expectations and started looking for other ways to bring happiness back to our family’s life. It was clear that I could not wish autism away, but I could understand it and work with it.

You know, respect and communication in a relationship is the key, and remembering that, it was surprisingly not very difficult for me to learn speak Alex’s language; to understand why he does what he does and respect his feelings about things. This made night and day difference for us. If you only knew (you probably do!) how many times we had to walk out of restaurant because he would throw a tantrum. Before, we would walk out frustrated about how tough our life is which would translate into tension and more tantrums. But respecting his feelings about the way any given restaurant looks, smells, or feels, made a huge turnaround what led to the end of tantrums. There are restaurants that I hate too, which nobody would force me to go to. So why should I force him to go there? Just because I don’t share his feelings? If he is coming with us, then we can find a place that all of us would like, and there are plenty…  I will leave the details to our outings to another time. I just want to make a point that respecting your child feelings and willingness to learn and understand his language, will give you an enormous opportunity to gain trust and ability to communicate with him or her, which eventually will lead you to the ability to teach your language too. And that can do wonders.

Defining happiness:

Is it too cliche to say that happiness is in a journey? Learning to understand what Alex feels and does opened up his seriously awesome personality. He is smart, he is funny, and compassionate. When he knows his feelings are respected, and he is not frustrated from the lack of understanding, he is calm and happy and more willing to open his world to us. When he sees that we are genuinely interested in his favorite subjects (from Tesla cars to Youtubers, to How It Works and Stranger Things), he comes to us to share. At the same time, when we get genuinely excited about our interests, he wants to know what we are excited about and participate.  And that brings me to the final point for today. Bland and boring is not appealing to people on the spectrum, at least not to Alex. And while there are things they have to do, we had to learn to find something exciting about most, even routine, things we do.  Cooking, tasting and learning about different spices, planting herb gardens to touch the leaves and smell them (the post is coming up tomorrow!), or animate Social Studies lessons to make them fun and memorable are a few examples. I never noticed, before, these beautiful little things that surround us every day.

So here it is, our journey as autism family so far. I promise I won’t be so wordy from this point on (at least not most of the time!).  And I hope you will join our journey and will find some inspiration for yourself and your family.  

I will be releasing a blogpost every week surrounding some of my favorite subjects such as ~

✦ parenting style tips

✦ self-care as an autism mom

✦ recipes and healthy living

✦ travel tips for the family

✦ fashion, beauty, home decor, and holidays

I hope you will find this blog helpful and inspiring. Always leave your comments please, I want to hear your points of view, ideas, what you like and don’t. And follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

And remember, Twitter Chats are every Wednesday 11-12. Just click on this link to join the Chats.

Lots of love, xo.





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Basic Essentials: Ultimate Guide for Fall 2017

July 21, 2017

Outfits are like cocktails. To create the perfect recipe, you must start with a basic flavor then add other unique elements to enhance the taste. The result? Voila, a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. In the same sense, I believe that every fabulous outfit should begin with one basic piece as the foundation. Without it, the overall look wouldn’t be able to stand on its own.

With that being said, I can’t wait to share my top picks (mostly basics) from the Nordstrom pre-fall sale with you! Now is the perfect time to shop for all your fall and winter staples. Why? These brilliant pieces are PERFECT to create a gorgeous outfit, and they won’t go on sale again until after Christmas – and honestly, that’s IF they even go on sale. I truly believe that a woman can look and feel fabulous no matter what her budget is. So today I’ve pieced together looks that range from affordable to splurge status – all with the intent to inspire a beautiful fall wardrobe without sacrificing the fabulous factor. So, please sit back and relax and join me as I share a little sneak peek of my favorite looks from the Nordstrom Fall Presale. Enjoy!

Basics ~ Why Every Girl Needs Them

I love creating looks with layers, and it’s important to note that amidst every gorgeous outfit, there must exist one basic item to pull it all together. It’s best to invest in plain basics so that you can transform them into any kind of look. You can always use accessories to paint any kind of picture you want with your outfit.

“When it comes to basics, I always look for something with a little bit of a twist – something unique, with unusual detail.”

The Little Black Dress

Lizzie Bell Sleeve Dress

I love black dresses! A little black dress lasts forever. It’s timeless, flawless and makes a girl feel good about her curves.

A flower dress will last for quite some time, it’s different and makes a statement on its own. Also, plaid asymmetrical dresses are going to be really big this year. It’s classic, but will also be very relevant this winter.

Browse More Dress Styles

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You Might also Love: How to Select Fabulous Fall Basics ~ 7 Must Haves

Let Me Borrow that Top

Cozy, cozy, cozy! I can’t say it enough ~ cozy sweaters and cold shoulders continue for the fall/winter look. I always love a splash of color – like yellow.

Shop More Tops

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Basic Bottoms for Fall

high waist pants

Pleated skirts and wide-leg pants are big this year. Also, it’s always important to have a nice, sexy pencil skirt, especially for the working woman. It makes a bold statement and always gives me a little extra va va voom for the day.

Browse Fall Bottoms

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Hello Moto 🙂

Moto Vest Love Token

Vests – you can wear these, always! They’re cozy, and perfect for when you’re running errands, or mix it up on the bottom with a skirt to add a feminine feel.

The Moto Vest (above) is perfect this season and will last throughout the seasons. It’s a basic everyone should have in their wardrobe.

Dawn Genuine Shearling Coat

This gorgeous, camel-colored Dawn Genuine Shearling Collar Double Face Coat is really cozy and one of those classics that always looks chic, fabulous, and expensive.

Shop Vests and Outerwear

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Basic Boots and More

Hello Platform Topshop

I bought myself a pair of these Hello platform boots from Top Shop a year ago and fell in love with them instantly. Good news for you ~ Nordstrom thankfully brought them back this year! They’re available at full price, but totally worth it. In fact, Christian Louboutin makes a similar boot, nearly identical, for over $1,000. So opting for this pretty pair will save you some pennies! Also, as if their gorgeous look isn’t enough, they’re also SUPER comfy and whenever I wear them out, I always get tons of compliments. For the price, they’re such a steal! Check out how they look paired with my pink dress, here!

More Bootyful Ideas

These red velvet with floral print boots are a little funky, but if you’re feeling bold enough to wear them with a knee-length dress or jeans, you’ve got yourself a truly unique look. I tried these on at Nordstrom, and no exaggeration, within moments I had swarms of people commenting on how much they loved them and wanted to try them on!

Another idea: Rockin’ a patent leather, thin pointed toe (scroll below) is perfect for elongating your legs and go perfect with jeans.

Browse More Shoe Styles

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Let’s Get Athletic

Gazelle Adidas

I’m making a promise to myself! I’m committed to start exercising before the holidays this year. Yes, BEFORE. Getting a start during holidays feels nearly impossible and post-holiday workouts just feel like an afterthought. So, I want to get back into fitness now ~ not just for looks, but because I feel better too. I love going on runs in the morning, especially when I’m dressed comfy and cute. I always opt for black outfits because it’s classy (and as a bonus, it makes me feel thin!)

If you want to get your cardio in, but opt for less impact, taking a brisk walk is a great idea too! And why not rock your red Adidas while you’re at it? I love to add a pop of color, especially since I wear black a lot, it’s nice to add a wildcard to my typical outfit. Looking for more shoe inspiration? Check out my Instagram to see how I wore these Ugg sneakers.

Browse Basic Athletics

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Thank you so much for joining me today on the blog! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more tips, ideas, and everyday inspiration to live your best life.


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Beach Picnic ~ Italian Theme Menu

June 21, 2017

Hello lovelies!

The sunshine is out in the beautiful OC, chasing away the clouds to welcome warmer weather. Swim suits, sandals and sunscreen are making their debut, and what better way to celebrate the sunshine than gathering some of my favorite people for a picnic by the beach?

As a busy working mom, I think it’s important to simplify life to make room for the people and things that MATTER. I also believe in quality of life for my family, which includes eating healthy. Before we jump into how-to prepare for the perfect picnic, I think it’s important we talk food first. After all, that is one of the main ingredients of a successful picnic. 🙂


My Food Philosophy

*Eating right is important. It’s crucial to make sure my family and I are eating nourishing, quality food.

*Good eating habits boost energy and contribute to quality of life.

*Whole foods with simple ingredients are delicious + make me feel great!

With that being said, I thought a beach picnic would be an ideal way to combine my love of food and spending time with family, into one perfect day.


We decided to take a short trip to Newport Beach, but if you don’t have the ocean near you, you can always try:

A local park / A pretty lake / A lazy river

How to Plan for Your Picnic

Packing food can get overly time-consuming, and without planning, can often lead to overpacking unhealthy snacks. So, I’ve found it’s best to plan the picnic menu in advance and include delicious but quick bites, so I don’t get tired before I get to the beach.

Organizing your thoughts with my picnic checklist template or shopping list actually saves a lot of time!

This time, my menu theme is inspired by Italy:

  1. Tomato/Mozzarella/Chives salad (5-10 min prep time)
  2. Italian meat and cheese sandwich with Chive Remoulade dressing (5-10 min prep time)
  3. Olives (already prepared)
  4. Lemon biscotti (can bake before picnic, or just buy prepared)
  5. Fruit lemonade ice tea (5-10 min)

Light and Quick Caprese Salad

My version of Caprese salad takes no more than 5 minutes but is very delicious, flavorful, and healthy.

4 servings


*16oz organic cherry tomatoes cut in halves
*8oz fresh mozzarella balls marinated in herbs and olive oil cut in halves
*2 tbs roughly chopped chives
*1tbs olive oil
*salt and pepper to taste
*3tbs roughly chopped almonds

Mix and enjoy


Martha Stewart’s Italian Salami Sandwich

I substituted baguette with Ciabatta bread and wrapped with these paper liners from Crate and Barrel.

*original recipe here

Salami Sandwich picnic Salami Sandwich


Giada De Laurentiis Almond + Lemon Biscotti

Thank you to my kiddo Alex for helping bake it!

*original recipe here


Lemon Biscotti by Giada De Laurentiis Lemon Biscotti Giada De Laurentiis


Lemon and Berry Arnold Palmer

1/2 tea and 1/2 lemonade with frozen lemon and berries

I chill tea and lemonade, and freeze berries and lemon wedges overnight. Before leaving, poured mix of chilled drinks into little milk bottles (mason jars would give similar visual effect), and added frozen berries and lemon wedges.

Pack some fun games for the family to enjoy. 🙂

beach blanket beach picnic

♡ Zuma

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Beautiful Beachy Waves + Giveaway with Tri Haircare

June 7, 2017

With summer right around the corner, I’ve been inspired to wear beachy waves more often. I’ve been playing with a fun hair care line called TRI Professional Haircare to achieve the exact look I want (in a short amount of time.)

What makes TRI different from other brands out there? The owner of the company (who actually trained Paul Mitchell!) has an obsession with precision, science, and quality. So you know with TRI, it’s not just another pretty bottle of product. It’s made with integrity and the proof is in the product.

Today on the blog, I’ll show you which TRI products I use to get the beachy waves to rock this summer ~ and don’t forget to scroll to the bottom of this post for a chance to win your own sample of TRI product and get salubrious summer waves too! <3

Step #1 ~ Give Gratitude

Thank you so much for sending me the product TRI Haircare! After using the TRI’s hydrating shampoo and conditioner, my hair felt soft, subtle and like I just went to the salon. I live close to the beach, so my hair is notoriously frizzy. But with TRI’s beauty routine, I really did feel a difference. My hair feels manageable and it was really easy to style. It really does nourish and strengthen the hair from cuticle to tip.

Step #2 ~ Before Styling, Apply Aero Heat Shield

wavy hair style

Tri hair

Before curling my hair, I applied the aero heat shield, which aids in protecting the hair and preventing damage when styling with flat irons or curling irons. I like the lightweight feel of it {and it smells nice too!}

Step #3 ~ Creating Carefree Waves

Tri Hair product

TRI design

I love my Hot Tools Professional curling wand. Once hair is fully dry, I take a couple of minutes to curl with my curling wand. Since the whole point of beach waves is having somewhat messy hair, curling does not need to be precise. Just separate hair into 8 sections and curl for 5-8 sec each section. It should only takes 2-3 minutes max.

Step #4 ~ Spray Tri Aeroshine


TRI aeroshine

Step #5 ~ Use Fingers to Fluff Curls

TRI hair style

hair style waves

TRI hair

beachy hair

Tri Haircare

And there you have it! A fun look for summer minus the frizz (and hours in the salon.)

Enter the Giveaway ~ Win Your Own Aeroshine!

Okay loves, I’ve got some exciting news! I’ve teamed up with TRI Haircare to offer a special giveaway to all my followers. If you want try out your own rendition of beachy waves, you’ll definitely need your own bottle of Aeroshine. So…to enter to win you just need to do these 3 simple steps.

#1: Comment below to explain what hair style you plan on rockin’ this summer!

#2: Follow Splash of Teal and TRI HAIR CARE on Instagram.

#3: For an extra entry, tag a friend in any of our recent Instagram posts. That’s it! 🙂

*Good luck! Winner will be chosen on Wednesday the 14th. U.S. residents only.*

♡ Zuma A.

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Celebrating Mothers Day & Gift Ideas

April 22, 2017

To me, Mother’s day is all about spring, life, love, and expression of gratitude. We often take moms’ love, life, and energy for granted, so Mother’s Day is a great day to shower her with kisses and hugs and endless love!

I love giving a pampering experience to my mom, sister, and my girlfriends on Mother’s Day, and this gift guide includes all my absolutely favorite beauty products that add a little bit of luxury to my favorite mamas’ lives. I paired them by categories, and you can put together these goodies in one beautiful basket or you can give them individually, depending on your budget and her interests. But either way, I absolutely LOVE all of them.

10 Beauty Gift Ideas

Drunk Elephant Oil and B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Gel ~ Drunk Elephant is a new brand to me. Perhaps because of its simple and refreshing packaging, I thought that Drunk Elephant was more for a younger skin. But after I tried their oil and this intensive hydration gel, I was hooked. Love the quality and how they feel on my skin. Soft and lightweight, and scentless.

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Slip Silk Pillowcase  ~ For a stomach sleeper like me, this pillowcase is a savior! Every morning, with no exception, I would wake up with creases on my cheeks, so discovering this Silk Pillowcase was so exciting. I don’t wake up with creases on my cheeks and my face skin feels soft and luxurious…

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Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF 47  and St. Topez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse ~ Summer is approaching fast mamas, and SPF mixed into your moisturizer or foundation is not enough. This sunscreen is 47SPF, made of natural ingredients, and smells and feels amazing. As to St.Topaz self tanning mousse, tanning my white legs and arms is a great way to get a toned and pampered look. I love how it gives me instant results!!

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Beach Perfume ~ Scents are very personal and wear on people differently, but if you love beach cities where the fresh air is mixed with the scent of salty ocean and sunscreen lotions, then you should give it a try. It is my go to fragrance during summers, especially on weekdays, when I sit in the office and secretly smell my wrist and dream of beaches.

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Becca Backlight Filter Face Primer ~ Nothing says happy and healthy mama more than a smile and glowing skin. And there is certainly no shortage of illuminators in stores now. This Hourglass illuminator can be worn under and on top of make up, or both for an extra glow! It is not shimmery or too shiny, it is just right for healthy glowing looking skin. GlamGlow GravityMud Firming Treatment ~ is also quite fun. It changes color from white to chrome as you apply it to your face and it peels off leaving your skin tighten and illuminated, just enough to shine through foundation. Love this mask.

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Elephant Body Whip Cream  ~ Moisturizing my body always gets neglected. I mean, I brush my teeth, I shower, I put face cream on, and then I am suddenly out of time. I try to make moisturizing my body a part of my beauty routine. I mean, it’s just another minute! But I usually end up skipping it. This moisturizer is one I can get rebind and apply without forgetting. And body whip creams always feel luxurious too.

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Sheet Face Masks ~ Last but certainly not least. You know how much i LOVE sheet face masks! I love Sephora, Dr. Jart, and Boscha sheet face masks, and usually go for hydrating, contouring, and brightening. Also, recently I found these new Dr. Jart deeply hydrating sheet masks that you keep on for 30 minutes. Exciting!! After the dry winter months my skin is thirsty and needs deep hydration more than ever!

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And here’s why I think my mom is a hero. She dedicated her life to the prosperity of her family and gave the gift of freedom and opportunities to my sister and I and our families by leaving behind everything she ever knew and immigrating across the ocean to the United States. And for that I am grateful forever.

With love always,

♡ Zuma Ayriyan

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Practicing Self Care // Challenges of Making Life Beautiful

April 19, 2017

Practicing self care may mean doing different thing for different women. To me, the words ‘self care’ used to mean a spa, or lighting up a candle and putting on a calming face mask for ten minutes before bed, or drinking a Pomegranate Martini on a date night with V. During my early thirties, life became busy, stressful and demanding, so I started looking into the concept of work life balance. I PROMISED MYSELF to squeeze one or two of the things I listed into my schedule, but finding time was difficult and the idea died down.

When I got married and had kids, I started living my life the way my mother did ~ no one in the world watches you like your kids watch you. My mother’s life was my example. I watched her and followed her example ~ how she worked, how she lived. Along the way, I abandoned self-care; it just was NEVER CONSIDERED A PRIORITY, so it was the first to go when things got hectic.

Now, I think to myself, though, AM I SETTING THE RIGHT EXAMPLE FOR MY KIDS? Do I want my children NOT to practice self-care when they grow up? And to be honest, would the lives of my children be any worse if I practiced self care?

But I didn’t understand this back then. As years passed, stress and exhaustion only kept growing, and I started having backaches that would tie me to bed for days at a time. Then I said to myself: if I don’t take time to myself, then my body will force me to! So I revisited the issue of self care and work life balance, and started scheduling spa times, girlfriend times, and alone me times. And these self-care moments felt good, but they weren’t very effective. I would go to a spa, come back home feeling relaxed, but within less than an hour, my stress level would be right back where it was before I left the house. As if an hour in the spa has never happened. 

It took me a few more years to realize that practicing self care is a lifestyle I have at all times, and not isolated life incidents. I mean, eating a light salad occasionally won’t make me a healthy eater if I eat junk food most of the time! So here’s my point:

Self-care is a state of mind. It is how you see your life at all times. You are the boss of your life, so be a good one.

To me, readjusting my life philosophy and rearranging my priorities were groundbreaking for living a quality and enjoyable life.

5 Key Components of Self-Care

1. Get rid of guilt, and be confident about prioritizing self-care. Breathing exercises and meditation are great tools for this. Two years of therapy gave me the great jump start.

2. Create partnerships. Feeling confident about delegating and sharing responsibility with my husband and my kids.

3. Cut down your to-do list. Sometimes I take on things that no one else agrees to do. And to be honest, sometimes I take on things just because I can! But going back to my first point, I can do a lot of things and so can others, and learning to resect my time an energy is important to my sanity.

4. Shedding doubts and negativity. Doubt and negativity are absolutely draining, and noticing when they enter your thoughts is the first step to gaining power over them. The life of a parent, especially if your child or children are on the spectrum, is an emotional rollercoaster. Some days they progress and some days it’s like they are going backward, and I’ve found giving powers to doubts and negativity is destructive.

5. Incorporating things you enjoy into your lifestyle. Make them habits. On Friday nights I spend time with my girlfriend(s). Saturdays I usually spend doing something creative, whether it is taking and editing photos or baking or taking a walk by the beach… On Sunday mornings I do a face-mask and unwind. Throughout a week I enjoy tasty dinners (we started ordering Blue Apron, and enjoy their dinners very much!), and I love my daily chats with kids about life and stuff.

All these components may seem reasonable and obvious but not easy to implement. They involve not only working on and changing firmly instilled habits, but also changing others’ firmly instilled habits. But living beautifully is your right, and if it takes years and hard work to implement, it is worth it. 

♡ Zuma Ayriyan

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