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Off the Shoulder Top: Wearing Summer Trends to Work

June 20, 2016
Madewell off the shoulder top

When I was a kid, summers were all about feeling lazy and carefree. We would take the train and spend weeks in Ukraine, near Kiev, laying by the Dnipro river and reading books or thinking about boys. Oh, that was the life… Anyhow, summer is in a full swing here in Los Angeles, and between work, home, and kids, it seems like there are no lazy summer days in sight. To make the best of it, I started incorporating my favorite fun summer trends and colors into my work wardrobe, and nothing says Summer 2016 more than an off the shoulder top!

I have always loved strapless dresses and off the shoulder silhouettes, but thought it was only for a smaller chested girls. This year, though, there are so many beautiful options, that I gave strapless bras a try and was amazed how many great options are out there nowadays! For an extra assurance and peace of mind, I found that ruffle shoulders easily hide any slips or imperfections.

The off the shoulder silhouette is feminine and flattering for every body type, hight, and weight. I love the bright color (blue is my new black hehe!) and pattern of this top, and the pleasant touch of the fabric. This top pairs well with pencil skirts and A-line skirts, with wide legged pants, flares,  and skinny jeans. When wearing it to work, I sometimes feel that I am exposing too much skin under an unflattering fluorescent light, so I temporarily cover my shoulders by pulling the straps up or wearing a light blazer. As soon as I am out for lunch or home, I pull the shoulders down. It’s summer after all!!

♡ Zuma

off the shoulder topoff the shoulder top Madewell off the shoulder topquilted red bagquilted bagdolce and gabbana pumps

In this story:

Madewell ‘Balcony’ off the shoulder top in Ikat print

Zara faux leather pencil skirt

Michael Kors quilted cross body bag, old (similar by Tory Burch here)

Dolce and Gabbana pumps, old (absolutely in love with these Manolo slingback pump, now on sale!)

Michael Kors sunglasses, old (similar by Le Specs here)

Michelle ‘Deco 16’ Diamond Dial Two-Tone watch

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Curing Depression With Summer

June 16, 2016
J.Crew Pants

Gorgeous summer days have finally rolled into SoCal, and a summer state of mind has slowly but surely started taking over. I’m feeling energized and excited about the thing I do throughout my day, and I gave to say, the change is nice.

I’ve said before that being honest on here is really important to me. If you’ve noticed, I’ve been quite on here the past couple weeks, and the reason for that has been a culmination of a couple-month long depression cycle. I barely had the energy to get out of bed, and when I would, I felt as if I was in a bubble, a very isolated and lonely bubble. Going to my kid’s year-end adorable recital felt like a chore, going to the beach felt and smelt like nothing, and I pretty much slept through my wedding anniversary. It felt like my brain and body was consumed with a goopy slime that inhibited all movement.

I knew for a while that I was sliding into depression, but I hadn’t been proactive enough to stop the fall. I kept saying that once these or those issues and projects get done, I’d feel better. That was certainly a mistake. Instead, I could have and should have faced the issues that triggered the fall head-on. I should have maintained my physical health to uphold my mental health, gone out to places that brought me joy, or confided in my friends. Yes, easier said than done, but definitely worth the effort since I love more than anything being the best mom and wife and friend I can be.

But now, that the beautiful sun is out in the blue sky, I am making sure I  aim to be clear headed, exercise, go for lunch dates and dinner dates, and go to the beach as often as possible. The sun alone of course is not a cure. Maneuvering depression is complicated, and requires a lot of self care, love, and patience. But hey, sunnier days got me to literally and figuratively, see a light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes a little symbolic glimmer, be it the weather, getting good news, or whatever comes along your path, is the push you need.

I will be recording my adventures and explorations on my snapchat (@splashofteal) with hopes to inspire you to do the same and enjoy your summer. Happy living is truly the best kind!

♡ Zuma

depressionDSC07232 DSC07323DSC07305

In this story:

Anthropologie button down, sold out (the softest button-down I’ve ever owned!! Love this summer top by Anthropologie here)

J.Crew Teddie cropped pants, now on sale!

Cole Hahn sandals, old (love this Kacey’ ankle strap sandal by Pelle Moda here)

Michael Kors clutch (similar  by Glint here)

Swarovski necklace, old (also love this necklace by Kendra Scott here)

Ann Taylor tassel charm bracelet

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In-flight Travel Essentials for Women

May 30, 2016
travel essentials

Traveling for business all the time, especially as a parent, can be stressful. There is always worries about what’s going on at home, if everything is okay, etc. But I find that getting away from time to time, even if it is for work, also helps us have the alone time we all need. Having said that, traveling is hard on the body and skin and can be physically exhausting. Being a special needs mom, I usually cut my trips as short as I possibly can and fly across the country and back in less than twenty four hours. Such schedule, of course, made me feel not my best self for days after the trip, and I resent not feeling my best! So after years of trial and error, I found a few brands and products that are my absolute travel essentials and make my flights comfortable.

Beauty routine before the flight:

Flights can really dry out skin, so extra moisturizing face cream and drinking tons of water are musts. The first thing I do when I wake up is drink a full glass of water, and then, throughout the day, I make an effort to drink as much water I can. When in the air, every time a flight attendant comes by with a beverage, I take a cup of water, not coke, not tomato juice, and not wine. Just water.

During my morning skincare routine, I add a layer of my moisturizing face cream and take an extra few minutes to put moisturizer all over my body (something I should do daily, but don’t do).

travel essentials

Kenzo Sensual Bare Body Cream

travel essentials

Korres Wild Rose Brightening 24-Hour Moisturizer (also in travel size value pack)

In-Flight Beauty Bag:

I was hooked on face mists the moment I discovered them! When in flight, I always felt so worn out, and a few spritz of Rose mist made my skin so happy!  A lip balm and hand cream are also a must. Every time I get up to go to the restroom (after all the water I drink!) and wash my hands, I have to use my hand cream. The air, water, and soap are just so super dry! For lip balm I use Fresh’s Sugar lip treatment, and for a hand cream, I use Caudalie Hand and Nail cream and for overnight or longer flights I also use Hand Masks by Sephora Collection. Make sure to have small sizes for creams so that you stick to the guidelines for liquids and creams on board. I’ve had to leave a product or two behind before because of this hehe.

For comfort, I always have some Advil on hand in case if headache creeps in, eye drops, and a travel package of Band-Aid! For some reason, I always(!) get blisters when I travel, and walking with blisters is torturouse! So Band-Aid is my savior!

travel essentials for womenCaudalie Grape Water

travel essentials

Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment
best hand cream

Caudalie Hand and Nail cream

In-Flight Entertainment:

My phone, laptop, nook, and magazines are my top picks, so headphones, laptop charger, phone charger, extra phone battery are always in my carry on. I keep all my chargers and batteries in a ziplock bag. It makes a big difference when it comes to keeping my carryon organized and neat! No more tangled wires!

travel essentials

Kate Spade earbud headphones Gold with Chrystal.

Red-Eye or Long Flight Essentials:

When it comes to cutting trip hours, red-eye flights are great.  Imagine, you can take a redeye flight from LA to New York, spend a day there, and fly back all in 24 hours! But of course, redeye flights can make you look and feel like a zombie if you are not prepared. So, a sleeping eye mask (many people are watching movies, and screens aren’t conducive to sleep), an inflight pillow, a warm throw or shawl, and cozy socks are my must haves! Just before getting on the flight, I take all my makeup off  and put my extra moisturizing and brightening overnight facemark. It’s a clear color, so I don’t scare anyone hehe.

My favorite sleeping eye mask is by Wildfox. It is honestly the softest mask I’ve ever owned!! My favorite makeup wipes are Ole Henriksen’s brightening ‘Clean Truth’ cleansing cloths and overnight moisturizing facemask is Sephora sleeping mask.

red eye travel essentials

Sephora sleeping maskSephora Hand Masks by Sephora CollectionWildfox sleeping eye mask

Also, whether it is an overnight flight or not, always wear layers. Not sure why, but many pilots in overnight flights, turn thermostat to freezing temperatures. Okay, freezing to me, which doesn’t not always mean freezing hehe. But if you are anything like me, and get cold easily, sweater or sweatshirt with a hoodie is a must. I specifically say ‘hoodie’ because even if you turn off your overhead fan, the main air conditioner may blowing strong, so hoodie comes in handy.

Okay, I think I mentioned all of my inflight travel essentials. Please let me know if I missed anything, or if there is anything you love taking with you that makes your flight so much more pleasant.

Happy travels!

♡ Zuma

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From Day To Night: Red, White, Yellow, and Perfect J.Crew Pants

May 22, 2016
j.crew teddie pants

Transforming outfits from day to night is one of the most useful ways for working women (and especially for working moms) to look put together. I don’t stay out late much, especially on weekdays, because towards the end of the day I get so tired that I just want to crash into bed. When evening plans come up, though, I look forward to them and promise myself that once I get home from work, I’ll take extra time to relax, put makeup on, and dress up. But who am I kidding, once I get home, something ALWAYS comes up! I am lucky if I get five minutes to fix myself up and get out of the house, frustrated that I didn’t have ‘me time’ again. So after a few failed attempts of pamper time, on the days I plan outings for the evening, I wear outfits that I can take from day to night. The key is to wear something bright or an LBD and use accessories to tone down the look for the day and dress it up for the night.

Now, I love these J.Crew Teddie cropped pants for their a bit different silhouette and versatility. They are perfect for work, for a happy hour, for a night out, and for a weekend stroll.  Made of a stretchy fabric blend, the pants hug hips and thighs and look and feel very comfortable, feminine, and flattering on every body type. I love how the pants’ kick out cropped leg looks sexy with nude heels. I bought the pants in blue (a welcomed departure from black hehehe), and paired them with a white jacket, a bright yellow top, and a red bag, a perfect combo for Mondays!

♡ Zuma
from day to nightfrom day to night cropped pants Michael Kors quilted bagfrom day to nightfrom day to nightJ.Crew Teddie pants from day to nightZara necklace

In this story:

J.Crew Teddie cropped pants

Kate Spade top, old (also love this off-shoulder yellow top by J.Crew here)

Topshop blazer, old (similar by Zara here)

Michael Kors quilted cross body bag, old (also love this red cross body bag by Tory Burch here)

Jessica Simpson pumps (love this new design by JS here)

Zara necklace, old (also love necklace by B.P here)

Wildfox ‘Geena Deluxe’ mirror sunglasses

Michele ‘Deco’ diamond dial two-tone watch

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Not So Basic Wardrobe Basics: a Tie-Front Buttondown

May 8, 2016

Happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend and feel recharged and ready for another week. This week I am traveling to Helena, Montana, coming back home for a day, and then heading to Atlanta. On busy days like these, I truly don’t feel like dressing up or putting on makeup. Of course, though, I know that as soon as I get out of the house and face people, I will regret it and won’t enjoy my day. So I get up and dress my best.

Now, ever since I got rid of all of my outdated and old clothes, and filled my closet with bare basics in white or black or grey or pink, I obviously don’t have a problem mixing and matching hehe. A few ways to make simple outfits stand out,  are to add something unexpected to the look, a statement necklace, or brightly color shoes, or, like here, a bit of unusual design. While here I’m wearing a white buttondown and a pair of jeans (two staples of the top ten wardrobe basics), the shirt design makes it a little unexpected, flirty, feminine, and fun. Basic, but not too basic. The buttondown fits especially beautifully if you have a curvy figure.

♡ Zuma

white buttondownwhite buttondownbuttondownMichael Kors watchIn this story:

Anthropologie Tie-Front Buttondown

Paige ‘Transcend-Skyliue’ ankle  skinny jeans (also love Paige high-rise black skinnies here)

J.Crew Billie demi-boot crop high-rise jean (now on sale!)

Chanel platform pumps (love Ivanka Trump ‘Kimo’ platform pump here)

Adidas ‘Superstar’ sneakers

Mark Jacobs quilted cross-body bag (similar by Kate Spade here)

Michael Kors watch (updated design by Michael Kors here now on sale!)

Wildfox ‘Malibu’ Black Round sunglasses

Wildfox blue mirrored sunglasses (updated design by Wildfox here)

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Mother’s Day Outfit and More

May 2, 2016
mother's day outfit

Have you started the countdown to Mother’s Day yet? I always treat Mother’s Day the way I treat birthdays (and I love birthdays!), and like a birthday countdown, Mother’s day countdown gets me in a celebratory mood and inspires me to do daily little treats, like plan a party, look for a new Mother’s Day outfit, shop for gifts (one for her, one for me, of course!), and get a gel mani-pedi instead of a regular one. Do you do this too? If you don’t, you should! Being a mother is a tough job and you deserve all the rewards.

I have two amazing boys, and to me, the best part of being a mom is the experience of rediscovering the world as new and finding wonder, something we grown ups often forget. I love how my boys teach me to be the best version of myself.

I also want to give a special shout out to moms of children with special needs. Becoming a special needs mom opened my eyes and heart to a world I never knew. It’s a world of tremendous kindness, patience, and strenuous work. If you are a special needs mom, you know the challenges I’m talking about. It’s so easy to become consumed by them and lose sight of taking care of yourself. So really make a point this week to treat yourself and take a moment for some you time, you really deserve it.

Finally, the dress. I fell in LOVE with this Anthropologie dress a while ago and finally bought it for myself as a Mother’s day gift. It is so light and feminine and unique at the same time. I can dress it up and down, and I am sure I will get great use out if it.  Today’s look is an absolutely perfect Mother’s Day outfit, so easy and flowy, and very convenient since I plan to enjoy a big yummy meal hehe.

♡ Zuma

camellia anthro dressmother's day outfitAnthropologie dressmother's day outfitwhat to wear on mothers dayDSC07076 In this story:

Anthropologie Camellia Dropwaist dress

Kate Spade Straw tote, sold out (also love Kate Spade ‘Down the rabbit hole’ straw daisy tote and Mar y Sol “Capri’ Woven tote with pom charms)

Ivanka Trump ‘Gemima’ studded scrappy sandals, now on sale!

Michael Kors watch, old (similar by Michael Kors here)

Wildfox ‘Dakota Deluxe’ retro sunglasses

Chanel earrings, old (see new design here)

Kate Spade charm pendant necklace

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Casual Looks for Moms: Backpacks Over 40

April 27, 2016
casual outfits

Being a busy mom, I always look for convenience, simplicity and functionality in my wardrobe pieces. But as importantly, to make sure I feel good about myself, I try to add a bit of trendy style and edginess to these looks. This look here is one of my favorite casual outfits to run errands, and here are my thoughts about all of its components.

Love this Free People fringe sweater for adding a relaxed feel to casual outfits, and also for its length (it is great at concealing my stomach hehe, no need to suck it in!).  Longer tops always elongate my petite frame. (Other outfits with this sweater you can find here, here, and here.)

These J.Crew high rise boot crop jeans (in stretch denim!) are a new addition to my jean collection, and I absolutely love them. They are faltering for any body type, super comfortable, and just a bit more edgy than regular jeans. They can look great with a light sweater, button-down, and plain t-shirt.

Okay, you may legitimately wonder if seriously wear these tall wedges to run errands. And yes, I do. Not all the time, of course, but often. I do think that high heels make me feel taller and better. And while you will never find me running errands in stilettos, wedges are much more stable for walking, and I wear them with my work and casual outfits all the time. They are easy and comfortable considering the size of the heel, and they add a bit of bulky style contrasting it with a more delicate look.

Now for accessories, sunglasses and the backpack. Oversized sunglasses are my best friends ever since I turned 37ish. Their size add that Hollywood and Jacky O. image to every style outfit. And as for the backpack, I recently bought it from Zara. While I love several backpack designs from Michael Kors and Rebecca Minkoff, I could not make myself pay more than $50 for this temporary trend, especially given my age. I mean, I’m way past my 20s hehe, and more and more often I wonder if I can wear things that remind us of schoolgirl looks. Now I know backpacks are in, and I know that 40s are not what they used to be and old fashion rules nowadays get replaced by new ones or simply are thrown out the window. So as long as I can own it, I can wear it. I love this backpack for its clean lines and color, and as long as I wear it on one shoulder, I can own it hehe.

What do you think about this look, all together or pulled apart, and what do you think about wearing backpacks after 40?

♡ Zuma

casual outfit Zara backpack Zara backpackIn this story:

Free People fringe sweater, old  (also love Free People ‘Love Me Tender’ Fringe Cardigan here and Chelsea28 fringe cardigan here, and Barefoot Dreams ‘Chic’ poncho here)

J.Crew Billie high rise demi-boot crop jean

Tory Burch wedges (similar by Michael Kors here, and they come in many different colors!)

Zara Pocket Detail backpack

Sunglasses (similar by Wildfox here, and by Kate Spade here)

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Corporate Wear: Modern Power Dressing

April 24, 2016
power dressing

I firmly believe that our clothes are an extension of us, with the way we feel and how we are perceived by others. And when in the work force, it helps us feel and present whatever image we need. Luckily, power dressing does not involve bulky power suits any more (I got rid of my last power suit fifteen years ago which I used to think was so cool and fabulous hehe!), and the modern approach is more open to feminine dresses, lacy blouses and pencil skirts, cigarette pants and culottes… Currently I own only two blazers (one fitted and one boyfriend style) and this white suit which I usually wear as separates (see looks here and here). On the days when I want and need to look and feel especially strong and confident, though, I do go for the suit look. It is professional, polished, but still a bit relaxed and playful (after all, I want to enjoy what I do!). I usually skip statement jewelry pieces, and wear sparkling sandals instead.

Now, as much as I love black, the color I chose for my suit is anything but dark. Corporate looks are usually too dark for me, and wearing brighter colors makes me stand out in a crowd and adds vibrancy and energy to my look (something I always need!).

Do you wear suits to work or do you prefer a more feminine look? Do you get to wear casual clothes to work? Would so love to hear from you, please leave your comments below!!

♡ Zuma
Power dressingpower suitwork wearwork wearkate spade sandals

In this story:

Topshop Premium suit blazer (new design by Topshop in pink here and Zara white button blazer here)

Topshop Tapered suit trousers (new design by Topshop in pink here and Zara white jacquard trousers here)

Juicy Couture top, old (similar by Topshop here and by Ann Taylor here now on sale)

Michael Kors chronograph bracelet watch, old (new design by Michael Kors here)

Kate Spade sandals, sold out (similar by Imagine Vince Camuto here)

Stella Mcartney ‘Falabella’ bag

*Photographs taken by Lenley Makela Slepicka

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What I Wore This Week (4/22/16)

April 22, 2016

Any week that starts with a work-from-home-Monday is a great week for me! I don’t mind working, but on the days I have to drive to morning court hearings, I have to get up at 5AM which is always hard. So working from home most of this week helped me organize my to-do list,  and by the time Tuesday came (and I had to drive to San Diego for work that day), I was ready for the day. Now, when I get up and get out early, I stick to easy one-piece looks like dresses or jumpsuits and dress them up with colorful shoes or accessories. On both days, Wednesday and Thursday, I felt a bit under the weather, but tried to stay organized and dressed up in anything other than my pajama and yoga pants hehe. Have a wonderful weekend! ♡ Zuma

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Live Your Best Life: Ten Tips to Turn Your Passion Into a Career (Part II)

April 20, 2016
Tyra Banks

Ever since I started Splash of Teal, I wanted to create a platform with the goal to inspire women to live exciting and fulfilling lives. As moms we want nothing but the best for our kids and often remind them: live your best life, but somehow, we forget that we should say the same to ourselves. Last week I wrote Do What You Love: Bringing The Passion Back into Your Life (Part I)  because I truly believe that passion for the things you do is such an important component of living your best life.

A few weeks ago I attended a #DoWhatYouLove conference organized by #girlboss Sarah Boyd, where I got to listen to and ask questions from many successful women entrepreneurs like E!’s Catt SadlerLili GhalichiMorgan StewartGery HirschLouise RoeKristen PhilipkoskiTyra Banks, who gave us a few great insights.  And today, I want to share top tips I learned from these amazing #girlbosses on how to turn passion into a career no matter your age.

1. Believe In Yourself.

Did you know that when Tyra Banks started pitching “Next Top Model” to TV producers, she heard many no-s before she heard  a yes? Tyra’s advice is to believe in yourself, everyone has and opinion, and not all of them are right (or nice). Don’t listen to the no-s.

2. Don’t wait, start now. 

Lili Ghalichi, who always wanted to be an entrepreneur and designer was pressured by her family to choose a law career instead. After years of being unhappy, she finally quit and now owns her own company of 60 employees!  Only regret, she says, was not following her passion sooner.

3. Work hard, plan, and be consistent.

If you want to live your best life and turn your passion into a success, be organized, be productive, have a plan, and keep on it.

4. Have a mentor.

Everyone at the conference stressed the importance of finding a mentor. They’ve been there and done that, and can give you insight on what you do right and what you do wrong.

5. Get a great support system.

The absolutely adorable Catt Sadler who is probably an ultimate modern working mom of two boys, 15 and 11, who works hard, is passionate about her job, and who somehow balances her family and professional life. Catt hosted the conference, and as soon as she said her concluding remarks and goodbyes, she ran to meet one of her sons and fly to New York for an assignment for E!. Raising two boys is not easy, and she said that she could never live her best life without the help from her family and friends.

6. Failure is part of success.

This one was mentioned by all the ladies ~ nothing is ever constant, failure happens, so learn from them, readjust, and move forward.

7. Always be an authentic version of yourself.

This tip is geared more toward the quality and content of the business you want to do. The advice is ~ find your platform, be authentic, be the true version of yourself, know yourself and what your strengths are, and know your value and what you bring to the table.

8. Be adoptable.

Easier said than done, but this was a very important point that Tyra brought up! All modern entrepreneurs and business owners know that the direction and the growth of the business is very dependent on consumers, and, in today’s world, quickly expanding and changing social media platforms. You have to be open to adjustment and quick in adopting to changes. Another great point from Tyra, ‘get on new platform as early as possible’.

9. Make sure to have fun.

Make sure to have fun because your to-do list will never end. Having your business is kind of like having another child, so be ready to think about it all the time. Meanwhile, never turn it into a stressful marathon towards whatever you think the end result should be. The entire purpose of you following your passion, is to enjoy what you do, so don’t forget to breath and enjoy the journey, successes and failures. If you need a boost, periodically do small things that feel empowering to you.

And last but not least!

10. Support others’ success.

We’ve heard many times that supporting another’s success won’t ever dumpen yours. Starting a new business is tough, dream chasing is even tougher, and it gets scary and lonely very quickly. And whether you are just starting out or on top of your game, networking, building relationships, empowering, and encouraging each other should be at the top of your list!

♡ Zuma


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Business Travel: The Versatility of Black And White Look

April 18, 2016
black and white look

I don’t think I’ll ever stop raving about the power and versatility of black and white look. Black and white separates work with pretty much everything in my closet, and if paired together, they never fail to produce a classic look that always looks and feels good. On those days when I stare into my closet and don’t feel like I can pull off anything without looking old and tired, I always fall back on my LBD or any simple black and white separates.

Now, I travel for work quite often, and as nice as it may be to get out of town and daily routine, business trips are tiring, always. And I often, to make sure I still look good as I arrive to my destination, I wear a classic black and white look. And if it is just a day trip I only grab a pair of heels with me (I love how heels transform the outfit from comfy and casual to powerful and sexy!).

The first look here is my basic airport look, and my black Nike running shoes come very handy every time I need to run from terminal to terminal (the only running I ever do in this shoes hehe! Apparently, buying them so I would start running and exercising again didn’t work past three or four running sessions in the park agh!). Anyhow, even though the stores are filled with running shoes in many beautiful and vibrant colors, buying a pair of running shoes in black worked really well since most of my travel and running outfits are black.

As I get out of the airplane and head to the meeting, I swap my running shoes for pumps, and the look is transformed. I no longer look and feel like a kid, but more like a woman who knows her business. It is crazy how a pair of shoes can change the perception of my persona so much.

Last but not least, I am very excited to participate in a $500 Nike gift card giveaway! with an awesome group of bloggers, so enter for your chance to win!!

♡ Zuma

#liveyourbestlife   #splashofteal

black and white lookblack and white look DSC06458 black and white stripes black and whitetory burchIn this story:

Stateside Stripe tee (similar by Stateside here)

Elisa J. Ruched Sleeve Blazer

Paige Denim ‘Transcend – Hoxton’ high rise skinny jeans

Nike ‘Free 5.0 Running Shoe (also newer design here)

Chanel pumps (also love Ivanka Trump pumps here!)

Tory Burch ‘Ella’ nylon tote

Michael Kors ‘Bradshaw’ Chronograph Bracelet watch (new design here)

Formula X nail polish in Orchid Pink