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Shop My Closet, Halloween Office Costumes

October 21, 2016

This year Halloween falls on Monday. What a perfect match! I mean, adding a bit of fun to my Monday grind is a good thing. As much as I love Halloween, I never give its preparation enough thought or time. This year I set up a super cute candy bar and decorated the entrance door, but did not think of my Halloween office costumes (or party costumes!). This year, once again, I will be shopping in my own closet for my halloween office costumes. 

1. Minnie 

AnnTaylor button-down (similar), Topshop flare skirt (similar), Tory Burch booties, black tights, Minnie ears.

halloween office costumesHalloween office costumes halloween office costumes

2. Good old witch

Zara top, Anthropologie tulle skirt, Nadri ‘skull’ necklace black tights, booties, and a witch hat.

halloween office costumes halloween office costumes halloween office costumes

3. Catwoman (Maybe not for office, but works for a party!)

Zara turtleneck and faux leather leggings, Tory Burch booties, Pompom charm, and a cat woman mask.

halloween office costumeshalloween office costumes

Need more inspiration on Halloween office costumes? Check out these creative ideas from Popsugar!

♡ Zuma A.

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How to Select Fabulous Fall Wardrobe Basics, Seven Must-haves

October 19, 2016
fall wardrobe

I have always been a firm believer that a woman can look and feel fabulous no matter how little money she has and how small her wardrobe is. As much as I love fashion, I have a quite small wardrobe, but it’s enough for me. The reality is that besides work, home, and occasional outings, I don’t get to do much else. Of course, no matter what I do, looking great is very important to me, so whatever clothes I do have, I selected thoughtfully and carefully.

A minimal wardrobe requires a strong solid foundation. The usual, tees, shirts, sweaters, jeans, skirts, slacks, jackets… Besides comfort and functionality, though, to set my basic wardrobe apart from others, I look for unusual detail that catches the eye. Here I am mixing seven fall wardrobe basics that mix and match with everything (EVERYTHING!) in my closet, that I can wear to work or play, and that has something that separates them from other basics. Also, besides this Zara jacket, I’ve had these items in my wardrobe for years, and I’m sure this jacket will serve me for years too! Always modern, always relevant. Here are a few details I look for when I shop for basics.

1. Look for the details.

Stitches, zippers, buttons, buckles, trims… All these details what really make the look! When shop for basics, I look for details that enhance the garment beyond basic basic. The jacket: the stitches and the zipper get rid of monotone feel of mostly all black look and add the feel of youthfulness; the ruffles along the zipper add a touch of femininity, and the faux fur adds the lux. This black jacket definitely caught my eye! Coupled with the bag’s quilt stitching and chain and bootie buckles, this outfit feels and looks modern classic and chic to me.

fall wardrobefall wardrobefall wardrobe

2. Think of colors, from basic to contrasting pops.

One of the ways to make inexpensive clothes look fabulous is choice of color. The basic black, beige, white, and grey. They always work so well together and a la carte, can’t go wrong. Then, of course, there are pops of red, or yellow, or any trendy color of the season. In this look, black, grey, and red is my combo.

Black: if I say that black dominates my wardrobe is an understatement. Black is slimming, looks amazing whether I am a  brunette or a blond, and hides the imperfections of the quality of clothes. Grey: is always cool and sophisticated. Lighter colors are much less forgiving when it comes to quality, so they require a bit more investment. And the pop of  red attracts the eye and adds energy into the look. Red is amazing and wears well in combination with every color and during every season!
fall wardrobe

3. Look for shape that stands out.

Extra long sleeves, oversized, disproportionally puffy or bare shoulders, flares, and tube midi skirts… I always try to look for unexpected shapes. In this outfit, three items are of somewhat different shape. Oversized sweater vs. fitted, flares vs. skinnies, round oversized glasses vs. all other glasses hehe.

fall wardrobe fall wardrobe

What details do you look for when shop for your fall wardrobe basics? Please share!

♡ Zuma A.

In this story:

Zara quilted faux fur jacket

Theory sweater, old (similar by Topshop hereby Zara here, by Halogen here)

Topshop tube skirt, old (new design by Topshop here)

Mother’s flare jeans, old (also by Paige, now on sale!)

Tory Burch booties, old (similar by Vince Camuto here)

Michael Kors cross body bag, old (love this cross body bag by Tory Burch here)

Wildfox oversized round glasses, now on sale!

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Schoolday Morning Routine and Freshly Baked Scones

October 16, 2016
morning routine

Taking a moment for a cup of coffee and hearty breakfast is a luxury on work and schoolday mornings. The reality is that during our weekday morning routine, I rush to get things ready while Alex seems to move in slow-mo. Of course, we all end up starting our day more stressed than we’d like. Not the best tone to set!

Now, to save time and relieve some stress, Alex and I (mainly I force Alex) prepare whatever we can the night before, like backpack and shower. Also, so that we can have a good warm breakfast whenever we want, I prepare ahead and freeze scones. I try to prep on Sundays so I could involve Alex (I am amazed that with his food limitations and sensitivities, he actually enjoys baking, the texture and the smell!). The process of preparation takes no more than 20 or so minutes. And it is so worth it! Even on the busiest mornings when there is no time for anything, I can just pop frozen scones into a toaster oven before jumping into the shower and have them ready 15 minutes later.

For the recipe I use Martha’s cream scone recipe or buttermilk scone recipe, so I can’t go wrong. To freeze, I wrap each scone tight in freezer wrap, put in a ziplock bag as airtight as possible, and store in the freezer. It truly is a quick process, especially after doing it a couple of times. A small price to pay for having freshly baked scones any time we want!

♡ Zuma A.

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freshly baked sconesfreshly baked scones baking scones baking scones cherry scone how to freeze sconesdsc01444 weekday morning routine

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Halloween Candy Bar Setup

October 14, 2016
Halloween candy bar

Every October I make myself a promise to go all out for Halloween. I make ambitious plans which always, to be honest, get modified to a bare minimum. One of the big reasons for that is that given my busy lifestyle, these grand plans are just too overwhelming and unrealistic to try. But this year I thought to approach it differently. Instead of decorating the entire house, I thought to decorate only one or two areas and create a Halloween candy bar! Building the candy bar took me no more than an hour plus a trip to a candy shop! Here are a few tips on building a Halloween candy bar.

1. Choosing a spot.

I’ve seen some using their bar area for their candy bar, which is great. But this usually covers a big space and requires lots of candy ($$$ and Lbs!). I was looking more for the idea of creating a smaller moveable bar. So I used a big tray I got from Pottery Barn which I can move around easily (a mobil bar or a serving cart should work well too).

2. Select containers before going shopping.

I do that for two reasons. One, this helps me to calculate how much candy I need to buy. Two, it helps me to decide what kind of candy to buy.  Also, when selecting the containers, I like mixing and matching the height and styles. Now, since I don’t have too many vases, I repurpose what I have. And here I used a few of my wine and beer glasses as vases along with actual vases. I also used a cake tray to help add height.

3. Choose a variety of candy.

When in a candy shop, knowing my containers and their placement, I decide on types of candy. I was looking for three or four Halloween colors, black, orange, a little bit of red and some random color (I picked blue) just to add something different.

4. Add a few fillers.

This is Halloween, so I placed a few Halloween themed fillers in the tray. I used flowers and a candle to add depth to the look and make it more lush, along with a few black and orange pumpkins to fill empty spots, and battery powered cat string lights in and around the tray (their eyes light up!). Boo!

♡ Zuma A.

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Halloween candy barhalloween candy bar
Halloween candy bardsc00727dsc00717

*Photographed by Lenley Makela Slepicka 

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4 Easy and Creative Ways to Dress Up Your Country Style Home

October 11, 2016
country style home

Surrounding myself with beautiful and simple things has always been very important to me. With design and decor, I’m most attracted to elegant, clean and simple lines. Whether it is clothes or decor, though, simplicity declutters my brain from the things that don’t really matter and make me feel good. As I travel new places and meet new people, I get inspired by the varieties of lifestyles, fashion, and decor I encounter. And I always end up incorporating some of those details into my own style.

During my recent travel to Portland, we staid in a charming house owned by an artist and Master gardner named Em. At first glance, it is a very simple and beautifully decorated country style home with a rustic charm. Some details of the decor were immediately noticeable for their uniqueness, and some were, while impactful and unique, so subtle that I didn’t notice them at first. Here are a four of Em’s touches to the decor and design that, while simple, make an very big impact to the overall feel of any house.

1. Think outside the box.

What a creative use of wooden planteresque boxes! From a night lamp shelf to a night stand to a sink, this reiterated the idea that so many of the best pieces in a home are ones that are unconventional. (These planter boxes on Etsy can be easily repurposed )

country style homecountry style homeunique bathroom sink

2. Mirror, mirror, on the wall.

We all know that mirrors make small spaces look bigger, but when I was decorating my home, I struggled with finding the right places to hang the mirrors to get the most out of them. In Em’s home, I noticed the mirrors in the backyard at first. Who said that only interior should appear bigger?! Later I realized that I didn’t notice a mirror leaned to the wall inside the house. It was probably because there was a plant in front of it! Safer and more impactful as it doubles the green too.

Decorating with mirrorsdecorating with mirrors

3. Plants are in the air.

Besides the fact that plants help clean air, adding a green touch to the decor makes the home feel more alive and vibrant. Em had quite a few plants standing in the windows almost extending the garden into the house, but she also spread air plants throughout the house by placing them on the window frames.  This is a very fun way to use air plants.

country style homeair plantscountry style home

4. Hanging pots and pans.

As many times as I’ve seen hanging pot racks on TV, I never seen it in anyone’s home. I also always thought that hanging pans and pots on a rack above a kitchen island is for big kitchens only. But nothing ever should be off limits. I actually found that pot racks don’t just look fun, they can be inexpensive and are also great space savers that work great in small spaces. (Love these pot racks on Amazon)

pot rackcountry living

Do you have any tips and tricks to dress up your home? Please share!

♡ Zuma A.

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Building A Wardrobe For Boys on the Autism Spectrum

October 8, 2016
building wardrobe for boys

One of the fun parts of being a mom is getting to shop for her babies. I loved choosing between soft and softer tees and adorable sweaters for my boys! Now, building Alex’s wardrobe was relatively easy since he’s always up for the simple and clean versions of things, just like many kids on the autism spectrum. However, there are important considerations I always have to keep in mind when shopping because of his numerous sensitivities and motor skills. And here are a few of my steps and considerations on building wardrobe for boys:

1. Involve boys in wardrobe building choices

It is never early to start building a sense of style and learning to have fun with it. Looking good is always a good thing! Plus, given that children with autism have troubles with motor skills (some more, some less) and color and texture sensitivities, I always consider the limitations when shop for Alex’s clothes.

When I can, I try not to drag Alex to stores shopping with me. Within minutes he gets ‘bored’ and wants to go home. Only when Alex goes through a transitional period in his taste, sensitivities, and motor skills, or when he changes shoe sizes, we will make quick trips together. I show him a few kinds, styles, and colors to choose from, try on, and make his picks. In all other cases, I go alone, and then let Alex try on things at home. If he doesn’t like something or it doesn’t work, I return it. It maybe an extra step, but it helps both of us to avoid an unpleasant experience.

capsule wardrobe for boys

2. Choose the textures, colors, and themes.

When I look for basics, I always go for neutral colors, black, white, brown, and blue. There is something so chic when we wear these understated colors. Then I add a little bit of fun to the mix, a couple of bright colors, like red, orange, or yellow. Now, all colors have to be Alex approved. Kids on autism spectrum often have color, texture, tag, and stitches sensitivities. I heard quite a few times that some kids on the spectrum can’t stand yellow color. Once again, to avoid possible tantrums and refusals to wear close I spend money on, I always involve Alex in the decision making process. Finally, if he wants, we pick stripes or plaid or other theme patterns to add to the mix. For a couple of years Alex was quite obsessed with minecraft (and some other kids I know are obsessed with angry birds and so on), so these themes had to find their way into the closet, just a couple, though.

Also, I have my own fashion taste and opinions, it doesn’t always agree with Alex’s, and as hard as it sometimes may be, I have to respect his choices of colors and style and never override his choices with mine. I made an expensive mistake once by buying him Hunter rain boots over his objections. Alex worn them once and never again. He was very annoyed at how they felt and I had no choice but to keep them in his closet just to look pretty. Eventually, I will have to give them away.

capsule wardrobe for boyscapsule wardrobe for boys

3. Consider the level of your child’s motor skills

Many kids on autism spectrum have different motor skills abilities. For example, for a long time I couldn’t find time and patience to teach Alex tie his shoes and usually remember that when his laces would get untied in a public place. Squatting to tie his shoes was no trouble for me when he was little, but one thing tying shoe lace when the kid is two, and one thing when the kid is ten. So for a while I would avoid shoes with lace at all cost. But after kid size 3, I had much harder time finding shoes with velcro closure instead of the lace ties. That finally forced us to address the issue and teach him how to tie his shoe. Sometimes, though, even after working hard on learning the skills, kids on autism spectrum still have difficulties with shoe laces, zippers, or buttons. And that should be definitely part of consideration when you select your kid’s clothes, because the ability to dress independently is a very important one for them.

building a wardrobe for boys

4. Once you find what brand or style works, stick with them

When I find something that Alex is comfortable with and wears well, I buy it in all colors of his choice, thermals and tees especially. And when he grows out of them, I just buy more of the same. Since these are usually wardrobe basics, the stores keep bringing them back year after year. I also do the same for shoes. I mean if I find Alex liking some particular pair of shoes, when worn out, I just buy another pair. For example, Alex loves his Adidas slippers and is already on his third pair.

Some suggest that if we find what works, we should buy the next size up too, but I prefer not to. A good fit matters a lot for comfort and look, and I don’t mean just shoes and pants, but also tees and thermals. Sometimes the next size up may not be a good fit when kids outgrow their old stuff. And Alex, for example, gets very annoyed when sleeves are too long and especially when they are too loose.

capsule wardrobe for boysdsc00752Do you have any tips and considerations on building wardrobe for boys? Please share!

♡ Zuma A.

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Autumn Home, Bold Coffee Blends and Pumpkin Spice

October 7, 2016
autumn home

I cannot believe that fall is in a full swing now, as I am somewhere in the middle of transitioning my state of mind from summer to fall. The SoCal warm weather is largely to blame, but a lot of it is also my overpacked schedule which makes days go by so super fast! A week or so ago I went to Starbucks and saw that pumpkin spice lattes  are back! Ah, they just make all my insides feel so cozy!

I am not an avid coffee drinker, I stick to only one cup every morning, but I make an effort to make it a good one. And during fall, I always try to switch from my usually lighter summer blends to richer and spicier blends that taste so perfect during cooler fall and winter months. Making time to brew a good cup of coffee is always a challenge, of course, especially on days when I have to storm out of the house at 6AM. But on the days I am working from home and weekends, I use my Chemex to make a nice pour-over. I love the simplicity of process combined with the rich flavor I get when I make pour-overs.

So to get into the spirit of fall and the upcoming holidays, I started adding a little bit of pumpkin everything into my life. I placed a few small pumpkins and some halloween accents throughout the house, pulled out my cozy autumn mugs to add some of the fall spirit to my coffee. I also started add pulling out my Halloween decoration and feel that fall has finally made its way to my house, despite the mid 70s weather!

One last thing about coffee, I love my coffee (and tea!) with steamed milk, but not enough to get my big latte machine’s milk steamer! Instead, I pour a small amount of milk into a microwave-safe glass jar with a lid (whatever amount I want to use for my coffee), seal it, shake it for 10 seconds or so, remove lid and microwave on high for a few seconds, depending on how much milk I used.  I learned this trick from one of Martha’s shows (I used to be such a Martha junkie!). This process doesn’t take more than a half a minute and  works great, so I get steamed milk with my coffee.

Happy fall! ♡ Zuma A.

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pour-overautumn home pumpkin spice autumn home autumn home autumn home pumpkin spice

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Accessory Trends: Choker Necklaces

October 4, 2016
fall trends 2016

I am not very big on accessories, mainly because I am always rushing late and often remember that I forgot to put them on when I’m already in the car driving. It’s too bad, though, because accessories can be a lot of fun. I recently moved my jewelry box next to my makeup bag so I don’t forget to grab an accessory before I head out the door. And so far it’s been working! Having said that, this fall brought chokers back to life! At first I wasn’t sure if I would try the trend, especially the simple black velour chokers which I thought would only highlight my 40-something year old neck. I still won’t go for these velour chokers, but it doesn’t mean I can’t go for differently designed chokers. The options are endless! I picked three of my favorite choker inspired necklaces that I think are a lot of fun.

Zara gem choker style necklace, old (new design by Zara here $30)

I actually got this necklace in New York quite a few years back, and I am impressed that this necklace is very relevant this season! This actually reminds me that before I ever go shopping for new trends, I should first take a look in my own closet. This necklace is chunky and delicate at the same time and works well with black on black, black on white, and everything in between.

The necklace looks very lacy, but it doesn’t look beautiful on plain fabrics only. I love how it adds richness to this lace top! For a work look, I wear this necklace over a black dress or under a shirt. It’s modern and fun.

Zara necklace choker necklace

BaubleBar Crystal Y-Chain necklace ($56)

A v-chain necklace design is just so sexy and feminine. And a necklace that matches my skin tone is definitely aging-neck friendly! Second, while it looks very pretty on fabric, it looks even more beautiful on bare skin! There are many v-chain necklace designs available, I especially love simple chain necklaces to complete work looks here and here).

y-chain necklacey-chain necklacey-chain necklace

Cristabelle’s Crystal Choker Necklace ($28)

Okay, who doesn’t love old fashioned lace choker necklaces?! I imagine that women wore something like this hundreds of years ago, so pretty and feminine. I like wearing this necklace with a black top and jeans, but a classic black dress with an open neck works perfectly too,

chokerchoker necklace

Hope you enjoyed my quick rundown through these trendy accessories I am loving this fall. Do you wear accessories? Any favorites? Would love to hear from you!

♡ Zuma A.

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In this story:

Zara Gem choker style necklace, old (new design by Zara here)

BaubleBar Crystal Y-Chain necklace (also, a great selection of Y-Chain Necklace here)

Cristabelle’s Crystal Choker Necklace (now on sale!)

Great selection of chokers, perfect for every taste

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Autism Parenting: Travel Benefits, Challenges, and Tips!

October 2, 2016
travel challenges

Travel is and has always been a very important part of my and my family’s life. We try to get out of town, even if it’s just for a day or a weekend, every time we have a chance. Alex is almost twelve now and has been traveling with us ever since he was a baby. But I can’t say we didn’t have a rocky start. Years back, we took two year old Alex to Maui and had to learn the hard way that if we don’t accommodate his needs, he would make the trip miserable for everyone. We often had to leave the beach fifteen minutes after getting there, could not find food he’d eat, and luaus or waterfall hikes were out of question. To say we were frustrated would be an understatement. No one could enjoy vacation that we worked so hard for.

As tough as our first travel experience with Alex was, I hated the idea of giving in to the travel challenges and stop traveling (or not taking Alex with us). Just as it does for us, travel broadens his universe tremendously, giving him the opportunity to experience different places and cultures. So as the years went by and we learned more about Alex’s likes and dislikes, we resumed our travel attempts. I can’t say that I found a way to make travel with a child on the spectrum completely easy; meltdowns sometimes are unavoidable. But with the right state of mind and a few tricks and adjustments, overall, travel became an enjoyable experience for him and the entire family!

1. Engage in the trip planning process at every step of the way.

After being an autism mom for quite a few years now, I have accepted the fact that we plan all of our activities and engagements with Alex in mind. Now, as he has gotten older, he fully participates in the planning process. Together we google different destinations, look at pictures and lists of things to do, and decide the itinerary. It is easy to get carried away and pack our day with activities, but we stick to two per day.

I also think that learning to compromise is important. Alex loves exploring nature, and I can only take so much of it, so we compromise. Checking out a city landmark is always accompanied by something he enjoys. So we all get something.


2. Pack some favorite items to give a sense of comfort and security.

Most of the great things travel offers, are things Alex doesn’t really want. Everything he knows and feels comfortable with, his food, bed, couch, all look, feel and taste different during travels. Leaving the familiarity and security of home is hard. There is also the waiting game at the airports or lengthy car rides or flights. So bringing items that add comfort, security, and entertainment is a must. For the place we plan to stay at, I usually pack Alex’s favorite games, blankets, or small pillows, and place them in similar spots of the room and point them out to him. I also make sure to pack his most comfortable and favorite sweats, pajamas, and iPad to recreate his typical evening at home. So traveling with larger luggage is a must even if it’s only for a weekend.

All of these steps honestly don’t take much time or energy from me, especially in comparison to the energy that would be required to deal with more tantrums and upsets on trips. Just throw things into the suitcase and off we go. Seriously! And the benefit of a more calm and excited traveler and good family experience is so worth it.


3. Choosing place to stay, hotel vs. airbnb

Depending on where and for how long we are traveling, we decide if we should order a hotel or airbnb. Every child is different, and some may be overwhelmed by the unfamiliarity of a stranger’s house, while a hotel room is much smaller and usually has design uniformity.  I pay extra attention to photos, and always show them to Alex so we can decide whether it is something he can enjoy or at least be comfortable with. If we need to call a hotel or a host and ask some questions to help us make a decision, or even place a request (for a quieter room location, for example), we do that.

To decide whether to choose a hotel or a rent an apartment or a house, I go by this formula. If it is just a weekend in a city, I pick a hotel. If it is a longer stay in a city or if it is more of a nature exploring trip (no matter long or short), I prefer to check out airbnb. (During our recent trip to Portland, we staid at a beautiful home away from home!)

If we don’t have a car at the destination, I make sure that there is a food market within walking distance that would have Alex’s favorite food because a hungry and cranky kid is not fun for anyone, including him! And, of course, if I have no choice, I take his favorite food or snack with us (when he was little and wouldn’t eat food unless it’s blended, you guessed it, I dragged our blender with us too!).


4. Encourage to push the limits a little.

Every child on the spectrum has different challenges. And relationship with food is Alex’s. He has enough variety on his menu now to be able to travel without being hungry (croissants, grilled cheese sandwiches, burgers, and pizzas are available pretty much everywhere in the U.S.). But I always encourage him to try some new foods or at least different food presentation. We play ‘pretend to be a foodie’ game. Sometimes it doesn’t work, and sometimes it does. Sometimes we decide to go to a restaurant and try eggs scrambled and not sunny side up, place a special order, only to have him jump out of his seat when it is placed in front of him.

I always prepare myself for the unsuccessful try, and it helps me not to push him too hard (this never works!) and not to get visibly disappointed. But sometimes he just tries new foods with cautious enthusiasm and it works! In Portland (a foodie heaven!) Alex amazed us with his courage of trying new foods. He ate scrambled eggs at the restaurant, he bit into tomato(!!), and ate off of bushes yellow raspberries at a Portland family farm. Big success!

foodie foodietravel challengespicking tomatoeslittle foodie

5. Spend time talking about the experiences.

Not that Alex loves talking about his experiences, but during travel, when we are not wrapped up in work and chores, we are more inclined to talk about what we liked about new place and what we didn’t. This is the part that I love the most about travel, and I think this is what makes his experience process and sink in and become memories for life. This is all true for Alex too. Also, experiencing different lifestyles (from cities to parks to farms!) sometimes points out great ideas we can implement in our life or points out challenges others experience that broadens his mind and understanding of reality.
travel with children on the autism spectrum

Do you have a tough time traveling with your child on the spectrum? How do you deal with it? Please share your tips and tricks!

♡ Zuma A.

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Bomber Jackets: An Effortless, Chic Fashion Trend

September 29, 2016
bomber jacket

Tomorrow is October 1st, and I am so ready for cozy sweaters and jackets. But the weather in LA just doesn’t want to cooperate; it is warm out here! So for another week I am holding off bringing my knits and suede out, and wearing my summer tees  and lightweight jackets. And since this year’ has been the year of bomber jackets, I often reach for my Zara silk bomber jacket (a steal for $29!).

If you are still skeptical that about bomber jackets’ military fighter pilot origins and think that they’re not for you, I’m telling you, I felt the same way. But after a couple tries I started to feel how edgy and relaxed and sexy the look can be. Bomber jackets look great paired with a pencil skirt, dress pants, or jeans. Last time I paired my bomber jacket with dress pants as great Friday work outfit. This time I went for a simple jeans and t-shirt look. I feel that this jacket adds that effortless chic touch to the look, great for running errands and weekend hangouts.

This jacket is sold out unfortunately, but there is no shortage of great designs. A few of my favorite bomber jackets (from light to heavy, depending on where you are and the weather) are here (Zara Embroidered Reversible bomber jacket $99), here (Zara Crepe bomber jacket $49), and here (BB Dakota Atwood Satin bomber jacket $109).

Do you wear bomber jackets? How do you style them?

♡ Zuma A.

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bomber jacket Zara bomber jacket Rebecca Minkoff earrings tory burch mules zara backpack

In this story:

Zara bomber jacket, sold out (similar by Zara here)

Madewell jeans

Tory Burch block heel mules (also love block heels mules by Vince Camuto and DVF!)

Chanel aviators (aviators by Tory Burch here)

Zara backpack (new design by Zara here, also love Kate Spade backpack here)

Rebecca Minkoff earrings (similar by Jules Smith here)

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From Day To Night: Daily Grind to Happy Hour

September 27, 2016
happy hour

Sometimes I find myself wrapped up in the work-home-work-home grind and just can’t stop. Sometimes it takes me weeks to realize that I’ve been running for this long without taking a break…. again. Got to breathe, Zuma, got to breathe! And I’m sure I’m not alone in this, we all get caught up sometimes and need to just pause and breathe! So I schedule a few recurring reminders to call my girlfriends sometimes and go for happy hour.

On the days I go out after work, the last thing I want is to extend my time in a suit. So when I dress in the morning, I go for my usual day to night go-tos. The formula is simple, just bring a clutch and evening heels. This time, for the day I picked my fave Zara dress (love the details!), blazer, a big shopper bag (got to have enough space to carry my entire life with me!), block heels for comfort, and sunnies. For the night look, switching block heels to patent high-heel pumps (since I will be sitting most of the time!)  and the shopper bag for a clutch.

Do you go out with your friends after work? How often do you get to do it? Would be so happy to hear from you!!

♡ Zuma A.

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from day to night from day to nightblock heels from day to nightZara dress zara dress zara dress zara dress

In this story:

Zara dress, old (also love this Zara velvet dress here and Lace dress here)

Elisa J. blazer

Day Bag: Tory Burch shopper bag

Night bag: Michael Kors clutch, old (similar by Halogen here and by Christian Louboutin here)

Day heels: Tory Burch Block Heels mules (also love block heels mules by Vince Camuto and DVF!)

Night heels: MiuMiu patent pumps, old (similar by Kate Spade here and by  Manolo Blahnik here)

Wildfox Sunglasses

Michelle ‘Deco’ Diamond Dial two-tone watch

Swarovski Lunar Pierced earrings