Erase Signs of Aging Skin: Makeup Must Haves

December 9, 2015

Recently, after attending several Holiday Beauty Events, I got very excited about a few makeup products which truly make my aging skin look brighter, smoother, and younger. I have been hunting for makeup that can cover my age spots and dark circles under eyes (the usual complaints of women over 40) for years now, but most of them would either cake in creases, accentuate fine lines, dry my skin, or all of the above. Now, I am absolutely in love with these new (or new to me!) makeup products ~ with the correct application, they do what they were designed to do wonderfully.

1. Cle de Peau Beaute Correcting Cream Veil $78

It is a bit pricy for a primer, but it is amazing and doesn’t require more than a small pearl size amount for each application. This is a creamy makeup base that smoothes the skin appearance by covering pores, fine lines, and uneven tones. It is the first thing I put on after my moisturizer and SPF (read about my daily skincare routine here). This correcting cream keeps skin radiant for an entire day. I absolutely love it!

2. Giorgio Armani Master Corrector in pink $39

Another amazing makeup product for aging skin. It visibly conceals dark circles under my eyes by creating a halo of light using light-reflecting pearls. It gives full coverage, but it does not look pink, does not cake in creases, and does not dry or accentuate wrinkles. Yes! I blend a tiny drop with my finger under my eyes.

3. Giorgio Armani ‘Luminous Silk’ Foundation $62

Hydration and bringing light to the face are the key to making aging skin with dark spots invisible, and ‘Luminous Silk’ Foundation (I use #4) does just that. It has such a pleasant silky texture! I love that this foundation’s coverage is buildable, because sometimes I add an additional layer on my cheeks where I have dark age spots. Sometimes I dab a bit of Cover FX cream concealer (in #N Light) on my cheekbones for a bit of extra coverage and glow since it also a highlighter. I feel that highlighting  on the cheekbones to prevent flat face look, adds a very subtle, youthful, and pretty dimension to face features.

4. The Original Beautyblender $20

At first I was skeptical ~ $20 for a sponge?! Yes, and it is not a sponge (how dare I)! After a single use, this Beautyblender became my best friend! Its unique technology makes any skin (not just aging skin) look soft and airbrushed with a minimal product waste. I wet my sponge under the faucet, squeeze out the water, pick up the foundation with the tip and apply it in dabbing motions on my face. It prevents foundation from looking cakey. Just love it!

Voila, to complete a simple day look, I add some blush, mascara, and lipgloss. I know that it may look like this routine takes too much time, but after doing it for just a few times, I learned to get this look within minutes.

Oh, and one more thing ~ a happy smile lights up the eyes and removes years off of a face.

♡ Zuma

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