Getting Used to Oversized Accessories: Three Tiers of Duster Earrings

September 1, 2016

Duster earrings have made a big appearance, and I am addicted! Before I started blogging, I never felt comfortable wearing big chunky statement earrings because I felt that they attracted too much attention to my big ears with unusually high ear perching. For years I didn’t take off my studs. Now, I can’t have enough of these dangly shoulder dusters. Bold accessories make me feel a little, well, bolder, and that can be a lot of fun.

While I firmly believe that feeling comfortable in what you are wearing overrides trends, I also believe in giving trends a try. Making a drastic change at you’re very uncomfortable with can scare you off, but with baby steps, getting to more off-the-cuff fashion goals is very doable. So here are three bold pieces, starting with the most subtle, that gave me the baby steps I needed.

Level 1. Panacea Metal Fringe Circle Earrings $18

This is a perfect pair to try on first. One tone, a bit bigger in size, but a pretty classic look with a twist, a flirty  dangling fringe. These earrings are only $18, but they are so versatile!! You can wear them when going out, but you can also wear them when going to work. If the size of the earrings bothers you, you can let your hair down to tone down the look. Wearing them with a nude top will also help tone it down.

oversized earringsoversized earrings

Level 2. Nordstrom Fringe Duster Earrings $35 (similar by Cristabelle $38 here)

I feel that these shoulder dusters are very chic. Wear them to go out with a V-neck top and a low ponytail. To tone the look down, wear these shoulder dusters with a grey or a nude top. These earrings, long and sleek, will elongate neck beautifully.  They’re slightly more bold but elegant nonetheless.

duster earringsduster earrings

Level 3. BaubleBar Falcon Drop earrings $36 

These are my grand finale! Big and chunky. To let these duster earrings with fun bohemian tassels make their statement, I would wear them with a very simple look. It could be a white t-shirt (or a black turtleneck!) with flares or a one tone dress.  Got to let them stand out!

shoulder duster earringsduster earrings

Of these three, which could you most see yourself wearing? Leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you!

♡ Zuma A.

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