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Halloween Candy Bar Setup

October 17, 2017

Halloween candy barhalloween candy barhalloween candy barEvery October I make myself a promise to go all out for Halloween. I make ambitious plans which always, to be honest, get modified to a bare minimum. One of the big reasons for that is that given my busy lifestyle, these grand plans are just too overwhelming and unrealistic to try. But I do want to create halloween mood in the house, it’s holiday times, and I want everyone at home to feel it. So this year I thought to approach it differently. Instead of decorating the entire house, I thought to decorate only one or two areas and create a Halloween candy bar! Building the candy bar took me no more than an hour plus a trip to a candy shop! Here are a few tips on building a Halloween candy bar.

1. Choosing a spot.

I’ve seen some using their bar area for their candy bar, which is great. But this usually covers a big space and requires lots of candy ($$$ and Lbs!). I was looking more for the idea of creating a smaller moveable bar. So I used a big tray I got from Pottery Barn which I can move around easily (a mobil bar or a serving cart should work well too).

2. Select containers before going shopping.

I do that for two reasons. One, this helps me to calculate how much candy I need to buy. Two, it helps me to decide what kind of candy to buy.  Also, when selecting the containers, I like mixing and matching the height and styles. Now, since I don’t have too many vases, I repurpose what I have. And here I used a few of my wine and beer glasses as vases along with actual vases. I also used a cake tray to help add height.

3. Choose a variety of candy.

When in a candy shop, knowing my containers and their placement, I decide on types of candy. I was looking for three or four Halloween colors, black, orange, a little bit of red and some random color (I picked blue) just to add something different.

4. Add a few fillers.

This is Halloween, so I placed a few Halloween themed fillers in the tray. I used flowers and a candle to add depth to the look and make it more lush, along with a few black and orange pumpkins to fill empty spots, and battery powered cat string lights in and around the tray (their eyes light up!). Boo!

♡ Zuma A.

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*Photographed by Lenley Makela Slepicka 

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