Styling Tips and Tricks Every Woman Should Know

July 15, 2015

Leith Button Front Stripe shirtPaige Denim skinny jeans, Pink polkadot scarf, old (Also love Hinge Vintage Print scarf here!), Nicholas Kirkwood red pumps (similar by Ivanka Trump here), Kate Spade nude pumps (similar here), Aviators old (similar by Kate Spade here), Kendra Scott Love Bead CharmReturn to Tiffany  heart tag braceletKate Spade ‘Sailor Knot’ bangleMichele ‘Deco’ Two-Tone watch

Before I started blogging about fashion and style, I thought I had a few styling tips and tricks up my sleeve, from colors to shapes to patterns. I mean, I’ve been following fashion trends since I was a kid ~ my mom and I used to spend hours flipping through German Burda magazine, the only fashion magazine available in the Red country during 70s and 80s. Anyhow, as I dug deeper into the craft of styling, I found a few quite simple styling tricks that can take an outfit from good to noteworthy and effortlessly perfect. The difference is in the details, you know!

The Tummy Tuck.

Everyone has days when they feel bloated, so using the visual depth perception will do the trick. Tuck in one tiny part of your shirt into jeans, and you will look like you have a flat stomach. (I also love the asymmetrical lines that it creates!)

styling tipsstyling tips

Un-boring Sleeves.

Every time I walk into J.Crew, I get the urge to by all of their boyfriend shirts! They all look so bright and fun! How can boyfriend shirts look fun, you ask? I honestly believe it is because of they way their cuffs are rolled. I firmly believe this to be true. For the most stylish look, and to get a deliberately asymmetrical casual fold, unbutton the cuff, flip it back and inside out, turn the sleeve inside out by pulling the flipped cuff all the way without folding (just below or above your elbow, you pick). Then, take the bottom of the inside out portion and fold it up until it traps the bottom of the cuff. Leave as much or as little of the inside-out cuff showing above the fold as you desire. Fluff it up. This method looks great especially when the inside of the cuff has a contrasting lining.

roll up sleeve roll up sleeve roll up sleeve

Grow an Inch

Don’t overlook your hairdo when it comes to your quest of appearing taller. Hair is often used to add an inch or so to your height, and this hairstyle tip is easy as 1, 2, 3 ~ use root boosting products (I swear by Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray), blow-dry hair upside down on low heat until it is 90% dry, and put it in rollers (when I am short on time, I roll my hair in about 4 sections from the face toward the back only). A high positioned bun helps too!

volumizing hair

Longer Legs.

Besides the obvious, high heels and wedges, shoes (including flats) that are the closest to your skin’s natural tone blur the line between legs and shoes, and make the legs look longer.

styling tricks

Accessorize in Color for a Chic Look.

If you are anything like me, you must have a closet full of black, grey, and camel. To stand out a bit and add an element of surprise, add some colorful accessories to your outfit, don’t be afraid to mix patterns and match unlikely colors ~ treat stripes as neutral and accessorize them with polkadots or add a clash of red and hot pink, or both…

styling tips styling tipsstyling tips

Voila, that concludes my five styling tricks every woman should know. Please share yours!!

♡ Zuma

In this story:

Leith Button Front Stripe shirt

Paige Denim skinny jeans

Pink polkadot scarf, old (Also love Hinge Vintage Print scarf here!)

Nicholas Kirkwood red pumps (similar by Ivanka Trump here)

Kate Spade nude pumps (similar here)

Aviators old (similar by Kate Spade here)

Kendra Scott Love Bead Charm

Return to Tiffany  heart tag bracelet

Kate Spade ‘Sailor Knot’ bangle

Michele ‘Deco’ Two-Tone watch


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